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Medieval Swords – The Legendary Weapons

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A sword is an edged weapon, a long blade with a handle. Swords have always been thought of as symbolic representations of chivalry, gallantry, courage and valor. They were mainly used by the knights to fight battles and in times of need. Carrying a sword in the historic times was considered to be a matter of pride. The style and pattern of the swords changed with the change in warfare and armor. The biggest changes were witnessed in the medieval period where the swords changed in design and style frequently.

The early double edged slashing turned into sturdy iron swords known as the long swords. Diamond shaped medieval swords evolved as a result of change in the pattern of warfare which helped in easily breaking through the iron chains. The then swords were thought of being magical and possessing great strength. Though they might not be magical, but we do get swords in the market today. They will take you back to the medieval times.

From amongst a wide range of swords of those times, the following are readily available in the market with most of the merchants:-

• Swords to display

These swords are beautifully designed and crafted to be displayed in your house. They are made out of stainless steel so that their shine would last for long and rust could be avoided. They include Robin Hood, Masonic and King Arthur swords.

• Premium Swords

If you are a fan of swords and want one that looks like it’s been coming straight from history, then this is your kind of a sword. It is the choice for those who wish to use for reenactment purpose too. The battle, arming, Excalibur, silver knights, Scottish claymore, crusader cross and Viking swords, falling under this category are easily available in the market.

• Swords for battle

Best for combats, stage and reenactments, these swords are the practical ones with blunt blades, un-edged and un-pointed so that they are safe to use while in a stage combat. They are so designed that they are safe while giving an original appearance. Mortuary Hilt, side, single-handed, Viking and Crusader swords are the ones used for this purpose.

• Tinker Swords

The sparring and cutting needs of Martial arts made Michael ‘Tinker’ Pearce to design these swords. They served the needs of the western martial arts practitioners. They are available in sharp and blunt versions with the similar characteristics for both.

• Greek Swords

These are the swords from the Greek times. Best for stages and reenactments, these swords are safe to use and perfect in appearances. They are the perfect examples of Hellenic weaponry.

• Iberia Swords

Iberia was the most well-known place where swords were made. Built with forged blades and peened pommels, these swords are now produced in Hanwei. A wood core scabbard is included in every sword. Agincourt, Celtic, Mercenary, Scottish Dirk and War swords are common among them.

• Viking Swords

These were the swords from the Viking Age used in North Western Europe. Now used for reenactment or collection, these swords are made out of quality steel and are available in a wide variety of styles.

With a wide range depending upon the needs and requirements of the person, these medieval swords are available in the markets and can be purchased online. These swords display royalty and chivalry even today when used.


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