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Beauty standarts undergo changes every year. Natural beauty was highly valued a few decades ago. Nowadays almost everyone has a chance to meet modern standards of beauty. In our times, it’s possible to become attractive and perfect to the tips of nails only in a few hours by means of such procedures as manicure, pedicure and eyelash extensions. You can create your own beaty yourself or trust professionals.

Nails don’t only tell about your health and lifestyle, they also make a significant contribution to your image. Neat and attractive nails always draw attention and cause capture. Perfect manicure and pedicure are considered to be an atribute of a modern, stylish women.

There are many kinds of manicure as well as pedicure, as a result you can easily choose one that will satisfy your needs. Most women and a great number of men cannot imagine their life without these procedures as they make hands and legs look beautiful. The most popular kind of manicure and pedicure among women and men is a classic one.

Important characteristics of a classic manicure:

 - Versatility. It’s suitable for men and women.
 - It’s a hygienic procedure that positively affects the health of hands.
 - It doesn’t take much time.

The procedure of eyelash extensions allows you to forget about mascara for a couple of weeks. This is very convenient for a frivolous summer vacation. You can relax and not worry about your appearance as you will always look charming. The procedure of eyelash extensions will be indispensable for special occasions if you want to impress everybody with your beauty.

You can choose the length of lashes – short, medium and long. Medium length is usually the most natural. It adds good volume and length to your natural eyelashes. You shouldn’t use oily liquids to remove makeup before eyelash extensions. Artificial lashes are pulled out of the box with a special forceps with curved tips for safety. Then artificial lashes are dipped in glue and attached to the base of natural lashes. There is advice for determining the appropriate length for eyelash extensions. If your lashes are about:

 - 7mm, you have to ñhoose short lashes,
 - 7 to 10mm, the medium length is right,
 - 10 to 12mm, long lashes are suitable.

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