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Melbourne Australia Interstate Florist Network

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Hi there,
yes roses

This is just a brief article on our idea of expanding not just our business, but  also giving opportunities to small businesses to collaborate and co-operate for  a better  service, which results into customer satisfaction.


Yes-Roses Melbourne Florist Online is looking to branch out to the rest of Australia. We currently operate in the city of Melbourne only.  We have many customers asking if we deliver flowers to other Australian major cities and we sadly do not. We’ve decided that we should build a network of florists that will co-operate into giving and accepting orders from other cities to theirs.
For example we might receive an order for the city of Sydney, we would send it over to the specific Sydney florist that would prepare it and deliver it. The same thing will occur when the Sydney florist will receive a flower order for Melbourne.

In more detail :
Each florist will have a specific page on their website called “( Major city) Flower Delivery” or “Send flowers to( Major city)” or something similar. Then they will have to provide a number of products of their choice so they can be uploaded on the website. These will be the only products available for purchase to each Major city.  Again the same thing will happen with our product orders.

The bottom line is that the best possible way for this idea to be executed is by small businesses joining forces to improve their offers, service and reputation.

If you are a florist business interstate and this is something you are interested in, contact us to speak further on the matter.

Kind Regards,
Yes-Roses Melbourne Florist Online


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  • Posted On March 6, 2012
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