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Merlot Wine Information for Beginners

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Merlot originates from Bordeaux, France, where it is the most widely planted red grape. And although it is often eclipsed by cabernet sauvignon where it is usually blended with, it’s popularity has increased in the past several years, particularly in Italy, the United States, and in Australia. Some of the world’s finest wines are actually made from Merlot, which is perhaps one of the reasons for its popularity.


Every year, Australia produces more than 90,000 tonnes of Merlot, which is considered the third highest produced red grape in the country. And over the last ten years, the production of this grape has increased almost ten times! Since Merlot blends very well, it is highly sought after by wine enthusiasts. Among the finest wines produced from this versatile grape are Pomerol and St. Emillion.


One of the best characteristics of the Merlot grape is that it is very versatile and is perfect for growing all throughout Australia. It is highly tolerant and can even thrive even in the worst of conditions unlike other firs-rate grapes. Despite this, Merlot generally loves cooler climates as they grow and ripen to be soft and full of flavor in these conditions. Even in Australia where the grape is usually found in hotter regions, the best Merlot wines often come from vineyards that are located in cooler areas. These areas include Eden Valley, Adelaide Hills, Limestone Coast, and Orange.


Another outstanding characteristic of Merlot is that its structure and flavors complement Cabernet, which is one of the main reasons why it is often blended with the latter. In Australia, most especially, you will find that Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon wines are very rampant. Many varieties of Merlot exist, however, considering the fact that Merlot in itself often lack the full flavors offered by Cabernet.


Australia, in general, makes some of the finest Merlot in the world, including Domaine A Merlot and Grand Merlot. According to experts, Merlot has to undergo at least two hours of decantation before it can be enjoyed to its full potential. It also has to be fully ripe in order for it to produce savory wine.


Aside from the fact that it blends well with Cabernet, another outstanding quality of Merlot is that it can match well with almost every type of food. This is perhaps because of its soft and fleshy nature. Generally, Merlot can match perfectly well with roasted meats, pastas, beef stew, and even Mediterranean vegetables.


Perhaps Merlot’s overall popularity is due to the fact that it is softer and a lot fruitier. It is also earlier-maturing than most types of wine, and yet still produces similar aromas and flavors these wines produce. And while Merlot can be successfully blended with a wide variety of other wines, it is best blended with Cabernet, because what Merlot lacks in age, structure, and depth of flavor, Cabernet can fill.


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