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Messages and Their Purposes

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Text messages are sent all the time sometimes they have a purpose and sometimes they don’t but we cannot deny the fact that most of the people have been using these text messages as excuses for not being around. People have gotten really busy with their lives and there is no wonder that they don’t get enough time to socialize with their friends, family and even with their co-workers. Work has taken over the world and for this reason people cannot be blamed as it is impossible for them to break free from their work routine as they need all the resources that they can get to make sure that they have a comfortable living. Most of the text messages that we send are baseless and contain jokes and other such things but there are those messages that come as food for thought. People need to take some time off and ponder over the things that happen in their life daily they need to see how things affect them and how it matters a lot that they find their true purpose in life.

Most of the people spend their lives working and don’t realize that there are other things that they need to consider or at least take care of before they breathe their last breath. We are all human beings and we need to realize that we are here for a higher purpose. We need to know about our Creator and what, was the purpose behind, creating not only us, but the entire universe. There are different theories that people have but our religion tells us that in very clear words. People need to have a more positive approach towards religion and should try to find out what it actually tells them and what is expected of them. To make sure that people understand their relationship with God Almighty there are certain people who have dedicated their time to support and facilitate this cause. These people make sure that they make messages that include good tidings from God for the people who follow the right path and also these people make sure that all the facts that are provided in the text message are true so that their text messages don’t mislead anyone into believing something that is not true.

These messages are often found on the internet as well and are available as Islamic SMS. Anyone who wants to read them and forward them can get these from here but there is no guarantee that any text message that a person will forward or any message that is available on the internet is valid so it is important to verify it before spreading it. Anniversary SMS andAnniversary Quotes on the other hand are filled with wishes and happiness that people wish to the couple or project that has been successful over the years. These messages are really nice and convey a person’s feeling properly and also these are easier to send. 


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  • Posted On April 23, 2012
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