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Methods of Guitar Learning for Beginners

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People always think that learning to play guitar is a fun and enjoyable experience. Unfortunately too many individuals find themselves feeling dejected and uninspired as a result of a hap hazard approach which ignores a lot of the basic rules for success. There are obviously a great many methods and approaches to learn how to play guitar. These range from casual lessons from a friend to online guitar lessons, so which is going to be the best for you?

The classic method is to take guitar lessons with a local guitar teacher and this is still the best way to learn assuming you can find a quality teacher near to you. You really can’t beat the individual attention you receive from private lessons as your teacher will focus on exactly what you want to play and isolate the barriers stopping you from achieving it. The internet is full of sites all claiming to be the best but choose wisely as many of them are actually quite poor in the level of instruction they offer. Make sure you look out for ones which offer a money back guarantee and have sample lessons for you to try.

Learn To Play Guitar

The instruction you receive can only do so much, ultimately it’s up to you. Isn’t that great though? When you learn to play guitar it’s something you can’t just go out and buy, each person has to earn it through genuine effort. That’s what makes it special. Your practice is going to be crucial and as a beginner you don’t need to practice a great deal. Thirty minutes each day is more than enough in the early stages and you’ll make great progress with that amount of practice time. In fact, if you practice too much there’s actually a point where you’ll start to get worse!

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After learning your chords and some strums you are going to be tempted to go into learning songs almost immediately. The advice here however is go into and intermediate step whereby you’ll run a series of practice progressions for a week or more just to get used to what you’ll encounter in many of the songs you’re about to learn. This is the step many beginners skip and later pay the consequences for.

These practice chord progressions for guitar are specially designed to make connecting your chords easy and combined with the Universal Strum numbers they will create an effective learning curve into songs. By taking the time to complete this intermediate step you could well save yourself a lot of unnecessary frustration.

It’s a good idea to start off slow and gradually increase the tempo of the drum tracks every few minutes. Stay on the same practice chord progression for a while and avoid jumping around too much as this will not provide you with the best quality practice time. Many of the progressions are very close to what you’ll typically encounter in songs so it’s well worth spending a week or two weeks just to cycle them around before you go to the Song Book section on the site.

You can not only change guitar chord progressions but also the strum numbers you use to play them. For example, you can take chord progression number 1 and first perform it with strum number one, then change tempos and perform it again but with strum number 3 this time, or how about a shuffle strum and so on. A lot of mileage can be extracted from each progression so use it!


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