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Methods to Choose a Suitable Watch for Men

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As we know wristwatch is a tool used for keeping time, but it is given more meanings by people from the beginning to end. It even means some symbols at the special occasion. For example, a person wears watch in social occasion means that he has strict time concept and rigorous style, otherwise, he should ask someone else for time which was looked down upon by others. It indicates that he is lack of strict time concept. So watch becomes a reflection of professional qualities.


On formal social occasions, watches equal to jewelries. It is said that, “Watches are not only the jewelries of men, but also the most important ornaments of men.” On the social occasions the watches people wore often present their position, their identities and the state of their wealth. So during interpersonal communication, the watches people wear, especially the ones men wear, always catch otherseyes.


As to how to choose a suitable watch , there are many elements that we should make decisions on, such as its categories, shapes, colors, designs, and functions. It is dainty when a man chooses a watch. He should take these elements, including his status, taste, price and workmanship of the watch, the occasions this watch suits, into account. So it is normal for a man to own several watches. That wearing different watches on different occasions to represent the different side of a person is pursued by men.


There is good news to tell you. Some information about a watch and clock auction which may surprise you if you are interested in study watches.


On May 7th, 2012, a watch and clock auction will be hold in Grand Hyatt Hong Kong by Swiss Auctions, a watch and clock auction. In this spring auction of Swiss Auctions, besides many famous brand wristwatches which are in high fashion together with antiques and treasure, unique treasure created by members of AHCI Independent Tabulator Academy will be presented, including the masterwork of Aniceto Jimenez Pita who is the famous master watchmaker. Collectors and connoisseurs look forward to its coming.


Pita who comes from Barcelona in Spain has the fullest enthusiasm about matchmaking. With the faith of insisting on making innovations, Pita swore that he has made up his mind to add new functions which have not seen ever before for his handmade wristwatches. His wristwatch works are all based on the object of being unique, so all of his works have the characteristic of unique. Pitas design for wristwatch has the purpose of simple beauty. The works of Pita which overflows the style of Mediterranean is unforgettable for you once you see it.


In Basel Fair in 2012, Pita Barcelona launched diving timepieces Oceana 2000 which has waterproofness in a place which is as high as 2000 meters. This series of wristwatches are made from Titanium which covered with black diamond carbonaceous layer, and are fitted out with watchcase which is waterproof and pressureproof. Besides, two patents which named Pita—TSM and Pita—RT belong to this series. They are very convenient for the user to timing in the condition of water bottom.


Lets expect to meet with this watch and clock auction in a few days! Soon it will come to us!


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