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Meze Food –-The Latest Craze to Hit Melbourne

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Melbourne has long been a mecca for fine food. Connoisseurs and professional foodies from across the country flock to the city’s plethora of bustling cafes and quaint eateries just to taste the unique flavors that are on offer.

Recently a new and intriguing flavor sensation has started to take over the town. With its sumptuous flavors and bold aromas, Meze food is the new trend hitting the restaurants in Melbourne’s CBD. Traditionally a selection of small dishes served in the Middle East and Mediterranean countries, Meze platters are currently in vogue throughout the city.

Common Dishes

Middle Eastern meze food is heavily influenced by Mediterranean staples such as olives, cheeses, fish and fresh vegetables. A traditional meze would include a variety of sliced breads and dipping sauces, with favorites including eggplant, yoghurt and cucumber, hommus (chickpeas), capsicum or garlic. You would also typically find a selection of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes such as:

1.       Felafel with tahina

2.       Grilled calamari with salad

3.       Baked eggplant

4.       Roast capsicum with feta cheese

5.       Spiced lamb

6.       Pickled vegetables

7.       Kofte (meatballs)

   Kavun (sliced ripe melon)

Some restaurants serve meze food as a selection of appetizers prior to their main meal. However, meze can be so much more substantial than this. The origins of meze food were to serve a selection of dishes and flavors to complement and enhance the taste of wine or liquors. Meze food began being served in Middle Eastern taverns as opposed to restaurants, where the atmosphere was loud and lively, and no drinking was complete without a selection of meze to top it all off.


Though it seems as if this cuisine has popped up out of nowhere, Melbourne has actually had a long, deep entrenched history when it comes to providing quality Mediterranean food. This is naturally tied into the fact that Melbourne is known for having the biggest Greek population of any city outside of Athens itself. It’s this rich local heritage and the seeds it has sewn throughout the CBD and other Melbourne suburbs that have allowed Meze to become the talk of the town.

Dining Experience

Young professionals and families alike are going crazy for the unique meze dining experience in Melbourne. True to its origins, it’s an entirely social event that encourages people to come together to share good food, great conversation and have a fantastic time! Arabesque is a warm and friendly Middle Eastern restaurant in Melbourne CBD which is perfect for these occasions.

With more than thirty years’ experience serving up the most delicious cuisine in the city, you can be sure of quality and taste every time. Come in, enjoy the warm hospitality and indulge yourself with Middle Eastern Cuisine with a Twist.

About the Author:

The author is associated with Arabesque. Arabesque is a dining and bar in Melbourne and is one of the finest Middle Eastern restaurants in Melbourne. It offers exotic & highly delicious Middle Eastern and Turkish cuisine and a vibrant cultural atmosphere to the people looking for an ideal romantic restaurant in Melbourne CBD area.


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