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Michels flexible inspection camera Communications

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Michels Communications is really a division of Michels Corporation that operates full-service communications construction facilities throughout the continental United States.

The organization services outside plant <a href=””>flexible inspection camera</a> , aerial, buried and underground construction, cable pulling and blowing, splicing, testing and cutover of copper, coax and fiber optics, directional drilling, routine line extension and major plow crews, service wire installation, Fiber To The Home (FTTH) technology, telephone and broadband (CATV) installation, residential/business/urban/rural applications, structured cabling, fiber optic splicing and testing services, copper and coax cable splicing, fiber optic fusion splicing flexible inspection camera
, optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) and power meter testing, 24-hour restoration service, underground and aerial fiber optics and FTTH applications.
Michels Directional Crossings (Horizontal Directional Drilling)

Michels Directional Crossings is really a division specializing in land and marine horizontal directional drilling (HDD). Michels has completed pipe installations as high as 60 inches in diameter crossing spans in excess of 15,000 feet.

Michels Directional Crossings has been internationally recognized for establishing numerous industry records. HDD work done near Boston in 2004 received project of the year honors from Trenchless Technology magazine. Playboy honored Michels Directional Crossings again in 2006 with two awards: one for project of the year a 7,600-foot (2,300 m), 20-inch-diameter (510 mm) crossing under the St. Lawrence River in Canada and something for honorable mention for an 8,400-foot (2,600 m), 10-inch-diameter (250 mm) crossing under Choctawhatchee Bay in Destin, Florida.

Michels Directional Crossings has a lot more than 65 drilling rigs, most of which can handle 1.2 million pounds of drilling thrust and pulling power. The organization also provides large-scale custom fabricated drilling equipment.
flexible inspection camera
Michels Drilled Foundations is really a division with a number of vertical drilling machines capable of drilling shafts with diameters in excess of 12 feet (3.7 m) and also to depths of greater than 120 feet (37 m).

Michels Drilled Foundations specializes in: Electrical substation spread footings, piers and caissons; building caisson foundations; power transmission pole foundations; drilled foundations for bridges and roadways; cell and radio towers; dewatering wells; caisson foundations of all typesdrilled, formed and poured; drilling machines for low and tight clearances; drilling holes in solid rock with down-hole hammers up to 48 inches; barge capabilities; sewer, water and access-shaft capabilities; and wind turbine foundations drilled and spread.
Michels Materials (Aggregates/Road Building)

Michels Materials may be the largest aggregate flexible inspection camera in Wisconsin, operating a lot more than 100 limestone quarries and gravel pits.The company is really a Wisconsin Department of Transportation road-building contractor that operates quarries and sand and gravel deposits through the state. The organization offers a wide variety of crushed aggregates for that construction industry.

Michels Materials has highway construction operations varying from specialized underdrain systems and shouldering to accomplish construction of roadways, including base course placement and grading.[29] It operates an inventory of mining and crushing equipment, including mobile crushing plant spreads, mobile wash plants and screening plants used for the separation of specific aggregate sizes and types. It’s also involved with custom aggregate crushing for other contractors and municipalities.
Michels Paving

Michels Paving is the newest flexible inspection camera of Michels Corporation, providing concrete paving services to both private and public sectors.Michels Paving took its begin in 2005 when Michels Corp. purchased the assets of PCC Construction Co. and .C., and PCC Transport, L.L.C., all located in Two Rivers, Wis.

Michels Paving is really a member of the Wisconsin Transportation Builders Association and participates in concrete paving of highways, airport construction and rehabilitation, concrete parking lots and driveways for that retail, industrial and commercial industries, concrete loading zones for industrial applications.
Michels Pipeline Construction .Michels Pipeline Construction is really a cross-country oil and gas utility pipeline contractor and the oldest division of Michels Corporation

Dale Michels conceived the concept to found Michels Pipeline Construction as he was being employed as a pipeline welder. Given the growing demand for gas distribution infrastructure, he approached his brother-in-law, Ted Koenigs, and Ted’s business partner, Jim Michel, to join in the brand new venture.

Michels originally planned to consider benefit of the flexible inspection camera infrastructure industry and then move on to another thing, but Michels Pipeline Construction gradually grew to the stage that the entire company was rebranded Michels Corporation in 2001. This allowed Michels Pipeline Construction to live on in the current form, where it really works in the following areas: mainline and distribution pipeline construction, interstate and intrastate pipelines, compressor stations/pumping stations, metering and regulator stations, maintenance and repair, gathering systems and storage facilities, odorizer facilities and river crossings, emergency repair and steam lines, hollywood underground construction and water lines.
Michels Pipe Services

Michels Pipe Services is notable for its capability to rehabilitate existing pipes with no need to get started.

Michels Pipe Services acquired project of the year from Trenchless Technology in 2007 for relining 4,000 feet (1,200 m) of 60-inch pipe in Milwaukee, Wis. Trenchless Technology also honored Michels Pipe Services in 2008.

Michels Pipe Services works in areas such as:

 CCTV Closed Circuit Television inspection equipment inspects damaged or deteriorating pipelines to see problem areas normally undetected by standard television equipment.
 Lateral flexible inspection camera Line Launched Lateral Evaluation Television System (LETS) is really a self-contained, portable unit for inspecting sewer service laterals, remotely working from the main sewer line.
 Line Cleaning Hydraulic cleaning equipment utilizes a variety of special application nozzles to get rid of blockages and restore pipe flow to full capacity.
 Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) With the help of premium felts and resins, structurally deteriorated pipelines can easily be rehabilitated.
 CIPP Internal Point Repair A non-disruptive method for repairing localized structural problems in otherwise sound pipe. This time repair method rehabilitates damaged pipe from 6-24 inches across and up to 10 feet (3.0 m) long without digging.
 Pipe bursting A pipeline rehabilitati method capable of actually increasing the diameter of existing pipe. Pneumatically powered bursting heads pull in welded HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) pipe, resulting in increased infrastructure flow capacity.
 Chemical Grouting First coded in 1955, it’s a defense against infiltration and exfiltration of groundwater in structurally sound sewer systems. Also accustomed to stop leaks in sewer, manholes, tanks, vaults and tunnels.
 Segmented PVC Slip Lining No profile joints rehabilitate existing pipes. SPVC can be installed without the total pipeline bypass required by other processes.
 Structural Rehabilitation Involves the following techniques: slabjacking/stabilization, dam restoration, manhole sealing/coating, pressure grouting/soil stabilization, crack sealing, epoxy injection and joint caulking.

Michels Power

Michels Power has been in business since 1949, operating as Superior Utility company until being bought by Michels in 1997.

Michels Power is in the field of electrical power infrastructure <a href=””>Entropy flexible inspection camera</a> , dealing with investor-owned utilities, municipalities, cooperatives, federal agencies and investors. The companys main expertise and experience includes overhead and underground transmission and distribution lines, in addition to new substation construction and upgrades. The company has the capacity to do up to 500 kV substation transmission.


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