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Milan had the distance cut close

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Messi has become the God of the Champions League Adidas JS 2NE1

In fact, Milan had the distance cut close, Nocerino goal in the first half had tie it at 1-1, they have occupied the initiative that appears Fortunately, Barcelona God in general Messi his penalty just before half again to Barcelona to grasp the initiative, while the white goal in the second half Barcelona. Messi’s two goals, though not warfare goals, but the penalty may be more a test of the player’s nerve test, to know that Messi twice this season, missed penalty, now each embarked on a 12-yard line, he are a great test of a great test of the psychological. Macy’s has withstood the pressure, both sides of the goal about two hit the door, looked very confident.

After the game, people are talking about the referee, but for Massey, whether the penalty is right or wrong, he never tried to referee has been to influence the referee or profit to the floor he had never thought how their outstanding performance to win the game. If we talk about the referee, in the San Siro in the first 15 minutes, a classic free kick in Barcelona with Sanchez restricted area inside the ball suddenly the ball after wading Abbiati, Sanchez its flew, but referee Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0 Stars & Stripes Eriksson and without any penalty, that is punishable by from time to sentence the ball, if sentenced today’s game might be another scenario.

Messi this season after scoring two penalties in the Champions League goals has reached 14, leading Bayern Gomez 3, to consolidate the advantages of the scorer of 14 goals to break the Champions League single-season scoring record. He also came with 51 goals, the third of the Champions League top scorer, the next step his goal is to overtake Ruud van Nistelrooy and Raul, while he did this less than 25 years of age. Must admit that, compared with Xiaozusaishi, Milan to play more freely, more experience, they did not let Messi score in the battle of the campaign, is the defense of the great success. Massey sharp break in the race one, two, or three guards, but it is difficult to fourth, even after the fourth goalkeeper Abbiati. But no matter how good the Milan defense, they the Na Meixi no solution, Iniesta’s goal, is derived from Messi’s shot is blocked, white This has been the opportunity to Macy’s role not only because he was on the Terminator, is anywhere he can break or assists in the form of a fatal blow to the opponent, this is Macy, a god boy.

Nocerino into the equalizer a ball, Milan had seen away the hope of promotion, but such hopes were dashed with the Hou Meixi penalty and Iniesta’s goal. The Rossoneri Zhibubaqiang, Ibrahimovic Champions League for the first time in life may once again postponed the N-season Adidas JS Panda Bear Throughout the match, Barcelona audience occupy an overwhelming advantage, however, when the referee Pa Kuisi two times penalty penalty allows this pinnacle showdown lost its original significance, joking Barcelona bar silly fans unleashed a clamor “winning depend on the godfather, Barcelona really invincible”.


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