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Milwaukee 28-volt Cordless Sawzall-18v versus 28v?

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A powerful quality Sawzall is an irreplaceable tool on a demolition or remodeling activity. I have always appreciated the rugged output of Milwaukee as they have never really dissapointed when it comes to the quality of their power tools. I commonly use a Sawzall to cut re-bar, demo walls, and cut out roofs for means of entry to just name a few scenarios.

If you have spent much time using a Sawzall as I have, I’m sure you know that having a lot of power and a sharp blade is theperform to getting the desired work doaccomplishedly as likely. often times, when I’m using a corded sawzall the cord tends to get in the way. It has been a fairly frequent situation on jobs throughout the years to have a few cut cords from workers who forgot to watch the cord carefully.

There have been few situations when I needed a sawzall in rather remote locations. When using a sawzall on top of a roof or away from traditional power sources the cordless power of the 28V Milwaukee sawzall can be fully realized. When you can work on top of a roof without needing to “string up” a hundreds of feet of power cords, you can really conserve time! In addition, you can use this powerful saw in a remote neck of the woods without needing to load up an alternator which can save you a lot of time!

I have always admired the idea of using a cordless Sawzall but I was repeatedly disappointed by their deficiency of power in the past. The cordless Sawzalls I have used before using the Milwaukee 28V Sawzall lacked power for anything more than the simplest of jobs. I remember once using another cordless sawzall that couldin’t even make it’s ways through fairly minor cuts for about 2 hours until it was dead. I remember thinking what a joke! So as you can deduce, when I tool a look at the Milwaukee 28V cordless I was very skeptical of the saws capabilities.

When I was examining the saw I was cutting re-bar lengths down for a recent job. I was pleasingly surprised when the MIlwaukee V28 Sawzall cut the re-bar for over a half day before I wanted to change the battery! I was amazed. Finally a cordless sawzall that had the power of a corded model! The V28 Milwaukee Sawzall is fairly compact and the battery characteristics allows for ease in plunge cutting situations.

The Milwaukee V28 Sawzall has a full 1 and 1/8″ of cutting length. The V28 Sawzall can operate at two different speeds so that the Sawzall is better fitted to for both wood and metal cutting applications. The blade fastening uses Milwaukee’s QUIK-LOK system which allows for tool free blade changes. Milwaukee also employs a specialized clutch on the M28 Sawzall that helps to watch over the gears, further ensuring the long life span of the Sawzall.

Whether you’re a home handyman or you run a construction crew, the Milwaukee 28V cordless Sawzall can save you both time and money. For the first time you can have tremendous power with hours and hours of constant run-time in a cordless Sawzall!

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  • Posted On July 11, 2012
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