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Mining Application of Ore Crushing

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Crushing and grinding ore in the mining processing undertakes the subsequent beneficiation operations to provide selected material task. Mining and ore, particle size of 1500-1000mm to 600-400mm loosely is mixed particle swarm. Mineral processing requirements and the grain size are usually the 0.2-0.1mm or finer, crushing and grinding process is a process of reducing particle size.

According to the treatment of a material particle size, crushing into thick pieces of old age, and thin section. Among them, rough broken segments can be crushed between the 350-100mm materials, in broken segments can be crushed between the 100-40mm materials, fine segments can be crushed to between the 25-6mm materials. Of course, different stages, the equipment will be different, coarse fragments using a jaw crusher and gyratory crusher; crushing section in use standard cone crusher; crushing section using a short head cone crusher. Similarly, grinding can also be divided into coarse grinding and fine grinding. Among them, the rough grinding segments can be grinding1-0.3mm between materials; fine grinding segments can be grinding0.1-0.7mm between materials. Coarse grinding using a lattice type ball mill, fine grinding is using the overflow type ball mill. Requirements can be used into powder, Raymond mill, high pressure grinding mill and superfine flour mill ore crushing and grinding equipment.

To make the grinding equipment operate good, we must strictly abide by the operation and maintenance procedures. In operation, we must always pay attention to bearing temperature. The temperature shall not exceed 50 ~ 65. We also always pay attention to motors, voltage, current, temperature, sound, etc. And pay attention to lubrication system. The temperature of the oil tank shall not exceed 35 ~ 40 , the pressure to the pipeline should be maintained at 1.5 ~ 2.0 kg / cm2. Check the lubrication of transmission components such as gear, main bearing, grading mill reducer. Constantly pay attention to the change of nature of ore, and to take appropriate measures in a timely manner under the circumstances. When stopping grinding mill, First stop the feeder mill, then stop the grinding equipment until the ore has been dealt with. The last is pump. With grading mill screw lifting equipment to raise sand surface, and then stop grading mill.hammer crusher:
raymond mill:

In addition to the metal processing plant is set in grinding operation, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, coal, thermal power and a number of national economy base operations are provided in the grinding operation, and equipment is also produced in the host. Especially the grinding operation, to national economy the impact is bigger, every year tens of billions of tons of ore crushing material needs, the annual generating capacity has more than 5% consumption in grinding, about a million tons of steel consumption in grinding, because, crushing and grinding operation efficiency and lower consumption has very important significance.

Concrete is usually piled in city road. So we should better choose mobile crusher as the main crushing plant in this process. Mobile concrete crusher or portable concrete crusher is one of Hongxing Machinery main products. This mobile concrete crusher is equipped with portable concrete crusher, belt conveyor, vibrating feeder and vibrating screen.


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