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Miracle dog survives 150-foot fall without any broken bones

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The resiliency of canines is without question, but sometimes when these pups are put into extreme situations, they can show just how amazing they can really be. For one family in Lincoln City, Oregon, their canine’s unfortunate fall off of a 150-foot cliff, and then another 200 feet of tumbling looked like it could have been a tragedy, but their dog Nora beat all the odds and has become a source of inspiration for the community, reports
The Dymocks were walking along Roads End Trail in Lincoln City, which overlooks the picturesque Oregonian coastline. The trail became especially steep at one point, and when Leah Dymock looked back to see if Nora was there, the 18-month-old pooch was nowhere to be found. After calling 911 and beginning a preliminary search of the area, the family was astounded to find the pooch hundreds of feet down.
“He looks over and sees here and then looks up from where she fell and he’s like ‘Wow, that’s 100 to 150 feet of a vertical fall and then another 200 feet of falling to where she ended up,” Leah Dymock told the news source. “And so he calls her and she lifts her head and tried to scoot, but she couldn’t move.”
According to, when emergency responders got on the scent, firefighting captain Tom Gakstatter sent four or five of his personnel down the face of the cliff to reach Nora. After placing her in a soft carry case, they airlifted her and gave the family the choice of putting her down immediately or treating her two-and-a-half hours away in Portland.
Luckily, the Dymocks made the right choice to seek treatment, as the veterinarians were surprised to find out that she had no major broken bones. While Nora did suffer a broken rib and a punctured lung, she began to regain some of her energetic spirit soon after the doctors began to work on her. The Dymocks have taken this as a positive sign of things to come, and believe that their family has been blessed with a truly resilient canine.
“She’s really our miracle dog,” Dymock told the news source. “She shouldn’t have survived the fall, she shouldn’t have survived the rescue, she should have survived the driving up to Portland, but she did.”
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