monster headphones, or more precisely, after an absence of Shanghai 12 years since the return to work in Shanghai, the coincidence will occur one after another. The beginning I always thought it was a coincidence that, until today, I realized that I experienced may not be completely coincidental explained. But this is not is the opportunity? Is not is God? I do not know, I only know that I have been adhered to and to follow his heart and walk.

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<p>The first dates back to December 4, 1998, 13 years ago – I veterans to return home the day of leaving Shanghai. The day finishing the old things brought back from Qingdao, inadvertently read the diary this. To see emotion, except to marvel at. Today to return to work and life, as if 13 years ago already had a hunch. December 4, 1998, written up in the diary that day I was feeling. The last paragraph of the borrowed Hsu Chih-mo, &quot;CAMBRIDGE&quot; in the poem, <a href=””><strong>monster beats headphones</strong></a>, wrote in his diary: &quot;I go quietly, as I quietly; I am leaving, do not take a cloud. Goodbye Shanghai, regardless of whether I’ll be back, me since Shenzaihefang, my hometown like a pilgrimage.&quot;</p>
<p>The diary has yellowed, but the past was vivid in my mind, clear as yesterday. In Shanghai to join the army for four years, I was in my heart indeed real in this city as his &quot;second home&quot;. In the days and nights to leave Shanghai, Shanghai is therefore become one of my heart forever, &quot;Cambridge&quot;. Gently away, as I gently to &quot;This is the first sentence of Hsu Chih-mo,&quot; CAMBRIDGE &quot;. Sometimes feel that life is indeed an interesting and meaningful life in 2010 when the space around a circle, <a href=””><strong>monster beats outlet</strong></a>, I really went back to Shanghai. Because of changes in work and career development, pioneering, &quot;Do Qingdao moved to Shanghai,&quot; the family strategic plan followed was promoted to the implementation schedule. This from my military service, left Shanghai just 12 years apart.</p>
<p>Arrived in Shanghai last year, a series of coincidences brought to my excitement I firmly believe that the right choice to return to Shanghai. First apply for a residence permit, Shanghai Public Security Bureau issued date is October 12, 2010. In the night of October 12, 2009, I travel to Shanghai to Qingdao on the blog of the day wrote so many words: &quot;somewhere a kind of premonition, the reflection of the Shanghai trip will probably change my future life, even the influence and determine future life choices, the choice and direction. &quot;that trip to Shanghai saw strongly touched my nerves, and opened my mind, I told myself, <a href=””><strong>monster headphones outlet</strong></a>, I went to the Move time. It is since the day, I decided to choose the resignation, seeking new changes! On this day a year later, I became a quasi-residents in Shanghai, can be legitimate, long-term living – work, study and living in Shanghai.</p>
<p>Followed by buying a car in Shanghai, Qingdao, the car did not come rolling in, and decided to re-purchase a new car in Shanghai. The Audi A4 was not in stock, needs to be scheduled. 20 days after the dealers notice to pick up the car, I want the maximum configuration to only one. Start the heart is also a slight regret, feeling that there is no room for comparison and selection. However, people not to hurt the home palm tree neon led blowing angry ordered environment file a Pirates of the acetabular Dong the thrush  cast curse Wat Nai Huang  especially paralyzed faded Joe sigh Hangzhou, according the last four digits of phone number. The car that day, <a href=””><strong>monster studio</strong></a>, exactly on the birthday of my identity card. Although my actual real birthday does not match with the ID card, but the feeling is – the car seems to specifically tailor-made for me.</p>
<p>To say things seem to have been unable to reuse a coincidence to describe. Yesterday to the company to wear casual clothes, go out of the morning changed clothes, but forget to dig the pocket, the office lost the key in the home. The company found that this failure was very upset with trace of chances rummaged all the corners of handbag. The last is undoubtedly yes, the key to the office is indeed lost at home, the bag only exist Qingdao home two key. An open unit building security door key, a key to open the house door. Not clear was what to do Chong, I subconsciously which one inserted into the lock heart of the office. Unexpected miracle occurred at this moment – the key in the lock my heart is very smooth rotation, then the door is opened. I was just some stunned in Qingdao, home of the key, <a href=””><strong>monster phones</strong></a>, I actually locks and an office of the company such a match, and the office just became an independent office. The door opened and I do not believe, then exit the office and re-locked re-opened again.</p>
<p>In fact, for security and insurance, the office of the cylinder to the work of the company, the General Service staff to deliberately change of the lock cylinder is the replacement but with the Qingdao home Suoxin completely overlap. To Shanghai over the past year, I have been living a company as their home life. Qingdao, home of the keys to open a Shanghai office door, which is not to be understood as &quot;home&quot; Another Interpretation. Home with the company’s key are the same, it seems that even do not want to have home impossible. Everything has a chance, I think this all may all be doomed. I have no reason not to believe, somewhere, some things really have divine intervention. Last year, &quot;Do Qingdao moved to Shanghai, in fact 12 years ago, veterans returning home -&quot; Do not Shanghai moved to Qingdao &quot;the moment has already decided!</p>


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