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Monster competitors

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Eyes-new Paul Frank Devil Hesh headphones, big mouth of vivid monkey design reflects Skullcandy advocate of complete the combination of science and technology and popular culture, which, of course, is not the only selling point Skullcandy,Monster Beats  as a professional audio equipment manufacturer, with perfect sound just the most convincing, Skullcandy at this point also won the world of enthusiasts highly recognized.

Now go to introduce a headset for everyone to meet: SkullcandySkullcandy was established in 2003, is the native American markets in production design headphones and its accessories based company, the noise reduction and sound insulation headset is Skullcandy of main products, its product design is very novel, unique. Is the so-called “mutant, only then can be ever-victorious”. Monster Beats The sound noodles with SACD/DVD-Audio HDTV, high bandwidth storage formats of broadband presence and 20000 Hz high above the popularity of the speakers of the traditional 20 Hz to 20000 Hz bandwidth has far to meet with these high frequency equipment request really limit the equipment of high level play and these in recent years that it has popular broadband equipment of the playback music frequency can cover 2 Hz-100 KHZ sound so magic between for SACD/DVD-Audio equipment specially developed the broadband high bandwidth Audio line makes the whole frequency range have precise voice playback can put you in the formats and super high speaker to get incisively and vividly and M550i HR tend to music taste performance and string very good human voices sweet thick with deep feeling, the singing of the nuanced string flavour seemed to be able to smell the violin string the flickering light of loose fragrance filled with each frequency band appeal is very good density are extended first-class music, fashionable element with each other, can say Skullcandy is pursuit vogue, quality, design acme brand, it gives every product unique personality.

Paul Frank Devil Hesh is expected to mainland China selling price for 599 yuan.  competitors-one of the sound Skullcandy Paul Frank Devil HeshMonster as is known to all, the Monster Headphones   is now America’s most popular audio and video equipment, one of many of the audio and video and the sound has very big competition.


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  • Posted On April 2, 2012
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