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Shang Mingjie readily took a glass of wine with Ye Bin, gently touched drink one, suddenly shines Tao: “This is the the Obiang winery’s new bar? Of the manor of the wine produced in the graves district from the waiter’s tray special soil and ore aroma, taste is strong and memorable, timely initial contact with the wine also be able to immediately tell the difference, total leaf touches a large mine with such a good wine, banquets, presumably, is what big business talk about it? do not have to still a wasted everyone’s time, you please continue it! “The greeting, just scenes Laojiang Hu Ye Bin did not see the slightest flaw, neither showing <a href=””><b>beats</b></a> investment intentions, and also expressed appreciation for red wine, Ye Bin with a little touched to see through the hope of Shang Mingjie recent limelight is not small, but most of the businessmen present are the older generation of successful people do not have much knowledge, for him, the real theory from the assets, the Zhendong funds into this circle, I am afraid that can not afford to fight a hydroplaning, <a href=””><b>cheap beats headphones</b></a> but Zhendong funds has a special presence of large amounts of liquidity, investment companies really do not see in the eyes Ye Bin, but if the Zhendong funds if there is the trend of the exhibition to the investment company, may have a red wine market interest.After a while of free time, if they had put in a huge restaurant three long tables, above an array of cuisine in a podium position is filled with a variety of name of the winery’s red wine and <a href=””><b>beats dre</b></a> let the guests random access, banquet Qianban Chang is basically to those who at the time of the free exchange of information greet greeting, Shang Mingjie also entertaining a few people come to talk, and even a lot of business cards, these days the rich do not admired, sought money to want to invest in people, is certainly not the only focus of Shang Mingjie also attracted a lot of watching.


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