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Monster Power PowerNet 100 Power Line Network Kit Starter Pack Features

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Monster Digital Life PowerNet 100 (Starter Pack)


  • Quickly, easily, and affordably connects your whole home for faster movie downloads, internet gaming, and more.
  • Instantly turns your home’s electrical wiring into a high speed Ethernet network to give any room an Internet connection.
  • Save money and time: just plug it in, no expensive wiring or professional installation needed.
  • Better than WiFi: up to 6x longer range, reaches where WiFi can’t.
  • Better than WiFi: over 2x faster then wireless* for blazing fast downloads.




Imagine your whole home was connected and all your media devices could rapidly serve up movies,Monster Beats  music and photos to anywhere in your house…


The Problem with WiFi: It’s Slow, Short Range, and Hard to Set Up


You want to watch HD movies without annoying delays. And play multiplayer games online without frustrating dropouts that paralyze the action.


While WiFi is fine for email and routine browsing, it lacks the speed and consistency you need for a seamless AV experience. Plus, walls and floors often block a wireless signal and confine your fun to a limited space. Also, many people must rely on technical assistance to set up their wireless network.


The Problem with In-Wall Ethernet Wiring: It’s Messy and Expensive


Because installing an Ethernet jack requires cutting into sheetrock, it’s messy and may be forbidden by many condo, co-op, and home associations. Given the time and labor involved, it’s also the most expensive approach.


The Solution: Monster PowerNet Products are High-Speed, Easy to Set Up, and Affordable


One pair of Monster PowerNet units instantly creates a high speed Ethernet link to your modem or router using your home’s existing electrical wires.


With speeds up to 200 Mbps between PowerNet units, Beats By Dre Headphones you’ll download HD movies blazing fast from sites like Netflix and YouTube. And play online multiplayer games in real time with no delays or lags.


Better still, PowerNet setup is a breeze: no new wires, no network configuring.


As you plug other PowerNet units into various outlets in your home, you extend the reach of your network with the devices you connect to them.


A high performance, wired network this reliable used to cost thousands of dollars and took hours if not days to setup. Now, Monster PowerNet units put a high-speed home entertainment network at your fingertips in minutes.


The Attractive PowerNet 100 Gives You a Simple and Affordable Ethernet Connection Anywhere You Need It


You’ll want to use PowerNet 100s to connect an Internet-enabled device, like a game console. Simply plug the PowerNet 100 into an outlet and connect your console with the included Ethernet cable.


With other media devices already connected to PowerNet 100s elsewhere in your home, your console can immediately “surf” for the movies, music, and photos you have stored, or download from the Internet.


The PowerNet 100 comes in clean white casing that looks good, even in the open. Its low-profile design allows it to fit snugly behind furniture already up against the wall. And the PowerNet 100 status indicators show security, network speed, and Ethernet connection state for easy diagnostics.


The PowerNet 100 is the simplest and most affordable Monster PowerNet. Based on your needs, it’s available in single or two-pack offerings.


All Monster PowerNet Products Work Together Seamlessly


Whether you mix and match among the Monster PowerNet 100, 200, and 300, they all work together flawlessly.… just plug them into different outlets and you can use your network-ready TV or game console to browse the media stored on your attached devices.


In fact, you may want to pair the PowerNet 100 with a PowerNet 300, which comes with 4 Ethernet ports. This way, you can easily access the Internet through your home theater by connecting your router/modem to the PowerNet 100 and your network-ready HDTV, Blu-ray Disc™ player, DVR, and game console to the PowerNet 300.


The PowerNet 100 Protects Your Sensitive Electronics


The PowerNet 100 protects your connected components with advanced power protection to prevent harmful surges and spikes from entering the Ethernet port of any network product like network-ready HDTVs and game consoles.


With the Monster PowerNet 100, Dr Dre Headphones whole home entertainment has never been this simple, reliable, and affordable. Get your whole home connected today.


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