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More About Applications and using Boot Camp

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Troubleshooting application problems


• If the application won’t close, forcibly quit. Restart the application. 

• Try opening a different file.

• Attempt to open the same file using a different application.

• From another user account, try running the application.

• Have a look at the diagnostic reports and logs.

• Delete cache files. 

• Replace the preference and resource files. 

Ways to force quit applications from the graphical interface

• Open the Force Quite dialog from the Apple menu or use the Option+Command+Esc keyboard shortcut. 

• On the Dock, Ctrl+right click on the icon for that application.

• Employ the Activity Monitor utility. 

Reporting Feature 

• Monitors applications’ activities. In case of an application crash freeze the Reporting Feature collects the System Status and Application information. 

• It gives you the option to send a crash or freeze report to Apple.

• Saves a copy of the report for later reference using the Console Application. 

Application preferences

• Preferences are stored in Library folders. Most often, it will be the user’s Library folder. 

• They are capable of being saved in either XML or Binary format.

The processes in charge of Dashboard Widgets are the Dock and Dashboard Client. If supported, both 32-bit and 64-bit instances of Dashboards Client may be used to manage all the widgets, up to a maximum of two instances. 

Boot Camp

• Enables the installation of Windows XP SP2, Vista or Windows 7 on a Mac system.

• Boot Camp Assistant primes the Mac’s drive to accept a Windows installation. 

• After the installation, Boot Camp Drivers allow Mac-specific hardware to operate under a Windows environment.

Minimum system requirements for Boot Camp

• Mac must be Intel-based. 

• Most recent firmware update.

• Newest Mac OS X v10.5 or later update. 

• Keyboard, mouse, DVD/CD drive must be directly attached, not wireless.

• Drivers installation disk for Mac OS X v 10.5 or later.

• A minimum of 10GB free hard drive space. Vista requires 30 GB.

• When running Vista on Mac Pros that are based on Intel Xeon, 2GB of RAM is requisite. 

• Boot Camp Assistant.

• A full Windows installation disk.

Installing Windows using Boot Camp

• Repartition the hard drive using Boot Camp Assistant

• Utilizing its installation disk, install Windows.

• Employ a Mac OS X installation disk to install the Boot camp drivers. 

Three ways to select the startup disk on a Mac that has Windows installed 

• Hold the ALT key immediately when the Mac starts up to open the Startup Manager.

• From Mac OS X, utilise the Startup Disk pane in the System Preferences. 

• When booting from the Mac OS X Install DVD, you can access the Startup Disk Utility. 


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