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Most Common PSD to HTML Conversion Mistakes

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Developing a website is certainly not a piece of cake. Although advance in technology has made website development much simpler and less cumbersome, but it still demands quality programming skills and right experience in order to develop a dynamic and a cutting edge website. To ensure that you get a perfect website, it is imperative to keep all the important things in mind and follow a right strategy. However, more often than not, it is observed that people make some mistakes while converting PSD to HTML. Read further to find out some most common PSD to XHTML/HTML conversion mistakes.

Use of incorrectly re-sized images: When it comes to images, most of the times, people end up using wrong image sizes. Mostly the images are too large. Whereas, to have good results, it is important to keep the image size as small as possible. Small images not only take less time to load but they also work better on devices having small display like cell phone. But people often make the mistake of using large size images. This mistake should be avoided. You should always re-size the images using a good image editing software.

Not linking web pages together correctly: Another common mistake people do is not linking the web pages together correctly. This can create problems. You should make sure that all you pages are linked together and also ensure that all the links are ‘clickable’ and direct you to a correct page. Make sure all your pages are linked together and all the links are actually “clickable” and send you to a correct page or a website. Links plat a very important role in the success of a site. Therefore, make sure that all your links are working right.

Incorrectly saved web pages: Many a times people do not save web pages correctly. One point to be kept in mind is that when a website is created using HTML web editor, then web pages are usually saved as .html or .xhtml files. You should save a page as ‘index.html’ if you want it to appear when someone types in your domain name. If you have any additional pages, they should also be saved as .html files. However, you can name them whatever you want. Just make sure not to include spaces and upper case in the names.

Saving the content of the site in different locations: This is another very common mistake. Saving the content of the site in different locations can create problems. You should always have all the related content in the same place on your system. Create a separate folder to save everything. Name the folders in such a way that they are easy to find. If you have the content saved in different locations then there are chances that something may not get uploaded and then your site will not function properly.

These are some of the common mistakes done during PSD to CSS/HTML conversion. Make sure that you do not repeat them in your website development project.


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  • Posted On April 25, 2012
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