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Must a Marketing Consultant and Web Designer Be The Same?

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If you’re in business for yourself you know that unless you are an one person shop, there is going to come a time when you will need to outsource the creation and maintenance of your website as well as your marketing. At this point, if you’re trying to save costs you may consider finding a web designer that has also been marketing consultant. However, there are several reasons why this might not be such a good idea.
If you consider a web designer, they need to constantly learn new technologies and techniques as well as practice them in order to remain current and stay effective in what they do. If you ask this person to also take on the additional burden of marketing, they may do so but the results will probably be not what you were after. Any promotion they will do will solely be tacked on because it is not their area of expertise to begin with.
Someone that does market consulting, should consider the fact that getting into web development might not be the most efficient use of their time. Naturally, promotion encompasses a wide variety of techniques and options both online and off. To that end, someone that does this type of consultant for a living has to keep current on emerging advertising trends and things like social media and so on. Advertising is also a discipline that requires vast amounts of study and practical application. To try and mix both web development and this together is a recipe for disaster.
The point is, each of these disciplines are gigantic in scope and always changing. To ask any one person to be an expert in both is inviting disaster. You’ll either get a website that is not what you want and doesn’t do what you want or an excellent website but no clear advertising plan or one that is muddled at best.
Where thing to think about is that by trying to find someone that does both, you may wind up with a promotion plan that is lopsided to say the least. Consider for a moment if you hire a web developer who claims to have promotion experience. Odds are he or she will only focus on the online aspect and leave any form of off-line marketing completely out of the equation. Similarly, the Marketing consultant that “does” websites will probably not, them to proper standards and thus will limit your results in the search engines although he or she may be excellent at the actual advertising end of it. By trying to do things this way, you’ll inevitably wind up with a potentially one-sided marketing plan, which is not something that you do not want.
One last thing you want to think about especially if you’re looking at Marketing consultant, hiring a team of Marketing consultants or just hiring one Marketing consultant, is that while hiring separately may seem like quite a bit more cash out-you were thinking about, ultimately the return on investment for having people who are specialists each in their own fields cannot be overstated. By hiring separately for a web designer and marketing consultant, you actually free these people up to do what they do best, keep up on their areas of specialty and be able to react quickly when things change. By thinking about things in this way and for the long-term, you are ensuring the long-term sustainability of your business and a rapid rise to success.

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