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My travel story: one cheap beats solo headphones and one song

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Whether we will have one desire: to put away their loneliness, fatigue, loss, mood scattered on the ground, on her own has already yellowed luggage embark on a their own, no time, no destination, no drop off journey. So what will be a state of mind cheap beats solo headphones, a release, so that we have already sinking city gray soul of rebirth and purification? Is in such situation will always feel the lack of just a little? Perhaps at this time ear sounded a wonderful music will be able to just right of the reconstruction out of all this wonderful.

Recall jack lucar special in his full taste of road desert “on the road”, although we can not be described through a simple text in order to feel the inherent qualities of the “road” music, but simply referred toto the name of the music can also bring out our inner silence and imaginative origin, spiritual breakthrough bound and full of desire for travel.

Shopping guide in the form in the past may have been difficult to arouse our sympathy, music, travel, headphones, put together three unlikely to take the bar guy, you will be heart? The following will bring five temperament “road” music, as well as the headphones have the same temperament.

As the greatest 500 songs, one of the Desperado, from full of barren, silent music, will be able to convey to us “on the road” kind of desert temperament, Chinese name translation from the wild only,album in the works of that time is not a commercial, but for years it was considered to be a creative and artistic masterpiece. It is also as a perfect example of the early Eagles country style. For example, the song “Twenty-One”, the display of the guitarist Bernie Leadon on banjo skills. The album reached the U.S. Billboard album sales charts for the first 41 sales reached 2 million. The album is a lot of people think that is one of the greatest country-rock album.


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