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Mystic And Legend Can Be Found In The February Birth Stone

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According to the Gregorian Calender, Amethyst is the February birth stone. The star sign of Aquarius (the water bearer) running from Jan 21 to Feb 19 is directly linked to this. Accordingly, like most birth stones, there are many notable meanings and significant healing properites associated with this gemstone.

According to record, a list was devised by the American National Association of Jewellers to assign a gemstone to every month. The list was created in Kansas City, Missouri, in early 1912. Originally, this list was percieved as purely commercial in nature, however, the public has come to embrace this cataloging effort.

Geologist have explored, found and mined for Amethysts primarily in Zambia, Africa and Brazil, South America. Amethystis are mostly silicon dioxide and are from the crystallized quartz family. They are normally hexagonal in structure and comes in lilac, red and purple shades. It seems that the purple shade is well known for having a religious significance for penitence and mourning. Because of the intricate and costly processes to exact the shade of purple in this gemstone it is often associates with royality, wealth and power.

This notable gem is attributed to healing headaches, arthritis, problems with the circulatory system, insomnia and most impressively, withdrawal of addiction. The Greek word ‘Amethystos’ meaning cure for drunkardness is the root word and source for the modern-day word Amethyst. Currently labeled the ‘Sobriety stone’, it is said to prevent drunken behavior and even cure alcoholism. Shrewd business dealings as well as good luck have long been associated with taking a drink from an Amethyst cup.

It seems that in Greek Mythology Bacchus, the god of wine, became angered with abusive mortals, and threatened to feed the next mortal who crossed his path to the lions. Interestingly enough, the next mortal that cross the path of Bacchus was you young and beautiful girl called Amethyst, who was walking to worship the Goddess Diana. In an attempt to spare her from her fate, the Goddess turned the girl into a tree of quartz. Seeing the lengths Diana had gone to to protect her, Bacchus realized he was at fault and he stained the tree with wine, turning the girl purple.

The gemstone promotes stability, peace, balance, courage, and inner strength for the owner. It is also the gemstone for the 17th wedding anniversary. The largest amethyst known today is kept at the Natural History Museum in London, at 343 carats. Heating Amethyst causes a change in color. The yellow hue that appears under higher temperatures produces the very popular ‘burnt Amethyst’.

As you have very clearly seen, over the years the February Birth Stone has been the gem of myth and legend, attributable to promoting calm, balance and even curing drunkardness.

There are twelve categories of birth stones in total, one each for every calendar month. The legendary category of the february birth stone is but one of a them, and the gemstone for the month of February is the mythical Amethyst. You will find a wide variety of February birth stones here:


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