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Myths and Facts about Climate Change

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As with most popular topics, a lot of myths abound about climate change. Being able to distinguish the myths from the facts will not only add to one’s knowledge, but it will also be a useful tool in the fight against global warming and climate change. It is important that you first understand that global warming and climate change are interconnected.

Global warming is the rapid increase in average global temperatures. It is caused by the build-up of carbon and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. These gases absorb and retain large amounts of heat, resulting in an increase in global temperatures. Climate change on the other hand refers to the way that climatic patterns are being altered through global warming.

The first myth that you may have heard about climate change is one that has to do with the reasoning that if you live in a particular area then you are excluded. The truth is, as long as you are on earth, you cannot deny the existence of global warming and climate change. You may not see it in your immediate environment, but you can bet your last dollar that, indeed, climate change is a phenomenon that is affecting everyone.

If you do not believe this, think of all the occurrences of recent past. Think of harsher droughts, flooding around coastal areas, higher temperatures recorded during summers and even winters and even how hurricanes are causing much more destruction than before.

Another popular myth about climate change is that nothing can be done about it. Some people believe that nothing can be done and what humanity should do is sit back and wait for the end. This myth is partly true and partly very wrong and misleading. It is partly true because, yes climate change is irreversible, and once it has happened nothing can be done to reverse it.

It is wrong because, although climate change cannot be reversed, there are steps that can be taken to protect the environment against further damage. It does not have to be downhill all the way. There are ways to ensure that the remaining salvageable part of the planet is in fact salvaged. This includes opting for environmental friendly fuels that do not include fossil fuels and even planting trees.

A popular myth that exists amongst people who do not want to get involved in any hard work is the myth that saving the environment is a task for environmental activists only. That would be true if environmental activists were the only inhabitants of the planet earth. Everyone who calls themselves an inhabitant of the planet earth has the responsibility of ensuring that their environment is not destroyed.

This may seem like a lot of work for some people but it doesn’t have to be. Planting a tree in your backyard, for instance, takes less than ten minutes and the benefits that the tree will provide to the planet will be felt for a lifetime. Carpooling not only saves the planet but also saves your money. You do not have to break your back saving the world from climate change; all you need to do it spare your immediate environment some thought.

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