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Myths and Facts about ED

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There is a lot of information about erectile dysfunction, its possible causes and consequences, but the usual doubt is whether it is correct. Erectile dysfunction is today referred to as a complex problem that affects around 30 millions of men.  It stems from various health conditions (traumas, hypertension, diabetes, etc) and can be caused by psychological factors (stress, anxiety, depression). Read and find out what’s true and what’s false.

Facts about ED
 - Erectile dysfunction is referred to as impotence and is more common to older man that to young males. No matter when it affects, it should never be ignored.
 - ED leads not only to physical, but also to psychological changes causing low self-esteem, frustration, inadequacy, aggressiveness and depression.
 - Everything that interrupts smooth functioning of male organs of the genital area is referred to as erectile dysfunction.
 - Many medical conditions lead to the development or ED in men, regardless of their age (cancer, diabetes, hypogonadism, hypertension, atherosclerosis, multiple sclerosis, strokes, heart attacks, liver or kidney failure, low testosterone levels, Parkinson’s disease, etc).
 - Lifestyle of many young people is the main reason for erectile dysfunction occurrence. Smoking, alcohol abuse, lack of physical exercise and junk food give the way to impotence among young men.
 - Counseling is one of the important factors of ED treatment process. Its lack leads to harsh emotional consequences and inability to maintain relationships.

Myths about ED
 - Erectile dysfunction affects only men over 60.
 - A man should not worry about erectile dysfunction, if he is over 40 years.
 - Herbal medicines are 100% effective in cases of impotence treatment.
 - When a man has ED, his intimate life is over and there are no medications that are able to help him.
 - Erectile dysfunction is a problem of one partner only.
 - About 40% of men over 40 years experience erectile dysfunction all the time.
 - In cases of ED, erection will be achieved only in cases of stimulation.
 - Prolonged erection can occur on a regular basis.
 - Pills can treat erectile dysfunction and provide 100% results.

When one has ED, it is highly important not to make the same mistake as other people do. Though impotence is more common in older man, today it occurs in young people as well. The sooner one starts coping with the problem, the longer intimate life he will have.


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