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Myths and Truths about divorce Mediation

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Are you not happy with your married life? Do you want divorce from your spouse? Don’t get tensed because only by hiring one divorce mediator you can get separation from your partner. But many people have misconceptions in their mind regarding Mediation like – Is mediation is a legal and best process to adopt? Is it same like counseling procedure? If you also think like this then here you will get to know about the myths and truths regarding divorce mediation.

First Myth – A divorce mediator will settle your problems and get your spouse back to you.

This is not true because getting your spouse near to you is the job of the marriage counselor and not of the mediator. In actual, a divorce mediator always interested in knowing the matter that what exactly happened between both of you and after listening the matter give a conclusion which help to get a divorce easily. Divorce mediator works only with one motive that – to make divorce possible easily and quickly for every concern person.

Divorce mediation NY did great job by helping their customers by making the divorce cases possible painlessly and make it possible for the couples too who are going through it.

Second Myth – Divorce Mediation is expensive as compared to that of Litigation.

This is also not true. Mediators only charge the actual cost which you normally spend when anyone hire a lawyer when you want a divorce by using the litigation procedure. Mediation is the traditional method of making the divorce possible.

If you leave everything up to the mediator he will handle everything calmly and you will save lot of your amount because a mediator charges more only in that cases when there is lot of negotiation between the parties. With this you need to spend around 40,000 dollar which is almost 10 percent less than that of the lawyer’s fees.

Third Myth – Divorce mediator make the case more complicated.

The truth is that the complication in fact is created by the lawyer who negotiate and fight for you in front of the judge and other party and create more problems whereas on the other hand a mediator solve the things calmly by discussions among both the parties with mutual understanding and give a final conclusion to them. Also lawyers charge according to the hours they spend in the court by doing negotiation. The higher the time of negotiation more will be the cost. So, it’s much better to hire a mediator as compared to that of lawyer.

If you are looking for the real information regarding the Divorce mediation NY or about the divorce mediators then here you will get to know more.


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