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Naruto 572 words text information ten tail will now

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The words of the main clue, comes from the six way of words, or was it a nine tail memories.

According to the words on page 11 six way of words: “and not like in my body, that you will be when will be the right guidance.”

How to understand cheap cosplay costumes this sentence? Literally understanding, I should say, ten tail in six of the body, and there was no way is the right guidance.

If our reference naruto of two kinds of JinShen model to speculate that the six word may only to naruto the first JinShen state, that is, rely on the power of ten tail forcibly taken part of the chakras, and didn’t like naruto later do that and ten tail reach an understanding and cooperation.

In other words, six ways and is not really a perfect person column force. And naruto reached.

The words given another definite information, six ways is a word: “and will eventually one day, you are one.”

This means that, nine biggest beast will be integrated, so ten tail chakras form will appear, we can understand the end for ten a “resurrection”. But after the resurrection of ten tail, can be “brother” posterity use, or will and “brother” posterity stood in a front?

From justice will triumph over evil this basic principle, and the words of the tail beast that performance, ten tail will chirping people stood together, naruto should be a perfect ten tail person column force. But, tail beast fit may need Iraq that the power of evil out, if the power comes from yu ZhiBo, then around ten tail will also have to compete for (the possibility is bigger), if the power from the stinkeye, so may not have the title.

In the manga tail the beast said that finish that sentence “naruto is actually the old man’s…” My reference other net friend of words, I should say, naruto is six ways of reincarnation. Because if say later generations, that is not very accurate, six generations in many ways, and naruto is unique.

In addition, I always believe that day to gens should is inherited from the six way eye force and six ways of spirit. So it may ChuTian in the future will be very fails. Something to look forward to.

At the same time, I guess, yu ZhiBo gens should is inherited from the ten tail spirit, such as two tail “hatred mind” and “hate” nine tail, should be the spirit from ten tail. This spirit must be negative, and dark.

So the final end is about: ten of the chakras (body energy) and six way body energy, there are six ways spirit power, and six way eye force together, destroy the spiritual power ten: must be done, hatred, and so on. But that doesn’t mean it will destroy sasuke and yu ZhiBo people. Ultimately should be ZhiBo yu with sound and MuYe reach a settlement.

Of course, the “, “is unconstrained imagination, we all can’t be accurately guess the plot of the future. In short, shore this want to express meaning is probably, the most powerful with love destroy the most stubborn hate, you will have the power of god.

The nine biggest the image of the beast words very Q.

About mask male identity, have been a lot of discussion. We can from the perspective of the nine end the problem. According to the content of the animation and cartoon in the past, only nine tail was manipulated two (with yu ZhiBo gens of intimate contact is the two), the first is the war of the end of the valley, the second is the mask MuYe into men. And later in the nine to naruto (or sasuke, forget) memories, and it only mentioned a person “than their chakras more ominous (evil)”, it is yu ZhiBo spot. That is, in the end, it seems, is ZhiBo yu mask male spot.

In “, “world, no matter the differences between two body has how old, as long as they have the same will, they should be the same person.

Naruto 572 words text information ten tail will now Naruto Cosplay


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