Testosterone is a male hormone produced by testicles and it plays a main role in the development of sexual characteristics. As men age, the level of hormones starts to get lowered and causes a wide range of symptoms.

Testosterone is highly important for the regular maintenance of muscle mass, bone density and to keep the right level of red blood cells. Moreover right level of hormone is needed for regular sexual function and reproductive health of men. Not to say, low level of testosterone hormone causes erectile dysfunction and low sexual libido.

Hormone replacement therapy has been proved to be effective in improving the sexual libido and overall wellness.

Causes for testosterone Deficiency

(a)Infection or accidental damage to testicles
(b)As a result of radiation or chemotherapy for cancer
(c)Pituitary gland dysfunction (It is an important gland which secretes various important hormones)
(d)Liver problems including cirrhosis of liver
(e)Chronic illness and infection by virus
(f)Medications including steroids and other drugs which are used to treat cancer
(g)Extra ‘X’ chromosome and genetic abnormalities
(h)Excess iron in body (Hemochromatosis)
(i)Renal failure
(k)Stress for longtime
(l)Inflammation of lungs and other vital organs

How to diagnose male menopause?

If you experience any of the symptoms above then it is good to consult an experienced professional doctor. He will perform various physical tests to ensure that there is no underlying cause other than decreased level of hormones. Blood test is also performed to ensure the level of testosterone and other hormones in blood. If the hormone levels are lower than the normal levels then the doctor will advise for hormone replacement therapy.

Testosterone is the right type of treatment for men suffering from male menopause. Hormone therapy can be easily given in the form of injection. However testosterone injection must not be administered for people suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure, prostate cancer and with liver problems.

Hormone therapy should never be taken by oneself independently however it must be given under strict medical supervision. Excess level of hormones can lead to various unwanted side effects and can easily affect the overall health of the body. By administering testosterone hormone one can feel better with improved energy levels, increased libido, sound sleep, and increased concentration power.

Not to say hormone therapy can reverse anti aging condition of the body and bring back energy and power. Therapy can turn back the internal clock of the body back to 10 years and gives you the feeling of youth.

Hormone replacement therapy can enhance sexual drive and avoids the problem of erectile dysfunction. Male menopause can be easily treated with hormones.


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