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Need of Power Flushing

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The central heating systems used in UK become less efficient with time so power flushing is done to clean them and improve their efficiency. The internal erosion of central heating system develops sludge inside it and your heating system becomes less efficient. The power flushing is the modern and effective way to make your heating system more efficient. It takes less than a day to complete the procedure so you do not have to worry about the time.
The radiators and pipes of the system corrode internally and form deposits inside but with modern cleaning system we can easily clean the deposits. The water is pumped at high pressure in the complete heating system repeatedly to clean the system completely. The loosened deposits are flushed out of the system by the help of suspension in the fast flowing water.
You can make the process more effective by mixing formulated chemicals in the water during power flushing, as the chemicals will loosen the deposits faster. You can even reverse flow the water in power flushing machine to create turbulence in the radiators. You can remove thick sludge from the system which otherwise might be difficult to remove by water.
After the power flushing is done, you can again use your central heating system within half an hour. The power flushing is used to clean not only the old central heating machines but new systems are also cleaned by it. Sometimes, the new central heating system has flux, grease, oil and swarf to avoid any rusting before it gets into use so before using you can do power flushing to remove excess of grease and oil from the system.
The people remain asking about the right time for doing power flushing in the central heating system but the condition of your system will tell about its flushing time. You can do power flushing when cold patches start developing at the base of the radiators due to sludge accumulation. When the system starts releasing muddy looking brown water, there is internal corrosion in your heating system.
If your boiler keeps banging then sludge is accumulated in the heating system. The water is not circulated in the system due to blocked boiler pump and the hot water does not come from the system due to blocked pipes, thus your system needs power flushing.


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  • Posted On March 29, 2011
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    45f Say (April 2, 2011 at 3:22 pm)

    Avoid the cowboys! Always use a member of the PowerFlush Association when your getting quotes for power flushing work.

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