A Ketubah is a very sacred Jewish Marriage Contract which is one of the most essential objects in a modern-day Jewish wedding ceremony. It is a document signed in Jewish weddings which has been traditionally summarized as a husband’s commitment during wedding towards his wife. The purpose of this contract is to give marriage a legal basis and protect the bride financially incase her husband dies or they get a divorce by chance. The regulations of this document are so strict making it hard for a husband to divorce his wife as it will be a costly deal for him thus strengthening their marriage.


Ketubah literally means “writing” and refer to as the written marriage contract that is signed and read as part of the Jewish wedding. It is considered illegal for a Jewish couple to live together without a Ketubah. It is an old Jewish tradition of the times, when people think a woman as a property owned by his husband. It is one of the first documents to fight for women’s rights and it brings out what a woman as a wife is entitled to receive in case her husband dies. There are many stores offering wide varieties of ketubahs and other Jewish products online. They are the best online source for the highest quality of modern Ketubahs.


Now-a-days, Ketubahs are one of the leading Jewish art forms found in homes. They are hung outstandingly in the homes of the married couples as a daily reminder of their vows and responsibilities to each other. Ketubahs are available in a wide range of designs following the tastes and styles of the region where they are made. Many couple follows the Jewish tradition which often uses ceremonial objects such as the Ketubah and made them as beautiful as possible. They offer a collection of new creative designs and best selling Ketubahs on the internet.


You can customize your own modern Ketubah so that it can best match your wedding ceremony and fits the personalities of both of you as a couple. There are several themes, categories and artists that you can choose from to find out exactly the right kind of Ketubah you require within the budget you can easily afford. They also offer several different text options to choose from such as:


  • Orthodox
  • Conservative
  • Reform
  • Interfaith
  • Commitment Vows
  • Humanist
  • Gender Neutral
  • Nondenominational
  • Anniversary

You can even create your own texts. They offer high quality cheap Ketubah of several themes and designs like floral, Jewish symbols, Geometric, traditional and several others. Throughout Jewish history and culture, when a woman got married, the Ketubah became her property and she held on to it dearly. It declares the wife’s rights to food, clothing and even sex throughout the course of the marriage. They are highly experienced in selling Judaica and Ketubahs catering customer needs and preferences


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