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New Jersey Bed Bug Signs and Extermination Overview

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Bed bugs are a terrible problem that have spread all over the states. They have infested hotels and homes everywhere. New Jersey is not immune to their infestation, and the bed bugs in New Jersey are troublesome and need professional services to exterminate them.

Signs of Bed Bugs

There are many signs of these insects. They leave behind shell casings on furniture and floors. You can also spot their eggs if you look closely enough. Their excrement is a rust color, so if you see rust-colored stains appearing on your bed or furniture, your home could be infested. The most obvious sign of these insects is the bed bugs themselves.

Signs of New Jersey bed bugs are the same as most other states, so it’s easy to know if you’re infested.
Bed bug bites have many symptoms including itching, burning, and irritation. Bed bug bites usually don’t show signs for a few days, but they will appear as red welts or small red bumps.
Bed bugs extermination should be done as quickly as possible to keep down their numbers.


If you believe you have been infested, it’s important to hire a reputable New Jersey bed bugs extermination company. They can inspect the house, diagnose the problem, and remedy it.

Bed bug dogs are the best inspection method to use. Bed bug dogs can find the specific areas of a house that have been infested, and they can also tell if it is a new or old infestation.

Bed bug extermination is usually carried out over several chemical applications. The chemicals kill the live bugs, and when the eggs hatch, another chemical application kills them as well.

New Jersey bed bugs are the same species as in other states and are difficult to exterminate, so it’s important to hire professionals.

With their ability to get into your clothes and valuables, you may accidentally pick up these pesky insects at any hotel, home, or apartment. Always check clothing carefully. Bed bugs in New Jersey can be stamped out if everyone takes proper action and has them exterminated upon discovery.

Reputable pest control companies should service residential, commercial and industrial bed bug control and bedbug treatments throughout New Jersey and the New Jersey suburbs.

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