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New Romance Is Perfectly

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Retaining your independence in a relationship is really important. The comfort of a new relationship can easily result in you forgetting about your life before and become completely dedicated to this new, exciting part of your life. Throwing your all into a new romance is perfectly acceptable as the thrill and rush is exhilarating. Embarking on a commitment and connection with another person can be scary and exciting. It’s all about putting your trust in that person, learning about one another. With anything new, you throw your all into it, hoping for the best. You want to show the other person that you are totally into the relationship and that it means a lot to you. It’s natural to be overcome by the rush if happiness and joy you feel. The endorphins are released and you are overcome with happiness. Initially, it is expected and accepted, but how healthy is it to continue throughout the duration. After sometime, you are going to feel naturally comfortable and content with your relationship and should feel happy about spending relative time together.


It’s at this point that you should understand the comparative amount of time that is appropriate to spend with your new lover and yourself. It’s quite easy to be so obsessed and focused on solidifying the new romance that you forget about yourself. The things you once were focused on, work, friends, family and recreational activities can suffer. It’s not because they are no longer important, but your mind shifts to this new immediate importance in your life. As the relationship progresses and you begin to form a bond with your new partner then you should be able to feel secure. Happy and content in the knowledge that you have embarked on a romance, the initial butterfly feeling has subsided and you two are certain about the progression it is taking. At this point it is important to remember how you were before and what you were capable of doing alone. It is always nice to get reassurance from other people in the decisions you make in life, but first and foremost you need to know your own mind. When you make decisions in life, however great or small, make them for yourself. If you are always thinking in the back of your mind whether your significant other would improve then it can be detrimental to your own beliefs. Editing your thoughts so you know all your decisions would be improved by them inevitably knocks your confidence. Relying entirely on your partner can not only be detrimental to your own confidence but it can have negative effects on your relationship say independent escorts. Remember that they person you are with fell for you because of how you were before they came along. Whether it was for your smile, personality, fiestiness, determined attitude, it was for how you were, just you. Changing your whole being, forgetting your passions, ideas and life just because you have found someone is ridiculous. They were interested in you for the reasons that you portrayed when you met, forgetting them and becoming embroiled in being unable to make your own decisions and exist without them.


It’s important to remember who you are. Don’t forget to continue with your life, whilst still remembering that your time needs to be shared accordingly. Making time for your partner is important, but don’t get carried away and think that you need to spend all your time with that person. It’s important to remember to focus on your individual needs as well as those of the relationship. Be confident to conduct things on your own, even if you are scared. The challenge of trying things out of your comfort zone will make you a stronger person. Don’t be afraid to speak up and have your own opinion. Just because you are a couple doesn’t mean you have to agree, just remember to do in a diplomatic and understanding way. Understanding that a relationship is not about relying on the other person for everything, for all decisions. You are two separate people, carrying on with your own lives, whilst still appreciating and welcoming opinions and ideas from one another. Space from each other can solidify a relationship more than you may think. Although spending 24/7 together in the initial stages of a romance is perfectly understandable and natural, it is not healthy to continue this well into your relationship. Independent escorts London wholeheartedly believe in absence makes the heart grow fonder. Distance can strengthen the relationship, it can help you understand feelings and realise what you have got. Don’t compromise yourself for anyone. Go ahead and do it anyway, without them. You’ll gain independence, confidence and respect. Go for it!

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