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New white -blue Adidas adipower predator football boots

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The Adidas predator 11 –adidas adipure shoes after the first one released, subsequently, the white and blue version was released. And this pair of shoes was firstly worn by the Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho at the first time and attracted all the focus of all the people. And the Adidas fans can take appreciation of the shoes.

The Adidas adipower predator football is mainly white and the most prominent is the three ice blue bars, which make the shoes instantly dynamic. The predator series logo and the Adidas logo attached on the shoes is the eye-catching orange, it is difficult for you not to notice. And this new Adidas predator 11 – Adidas adipower predator is specially made for the Adidas falcons, in the game, how will they perform well?

Compared with the previous generation, the Adidas adipower predator is lighter and only weighs 235 grams. The reason why the shoes are lighter because the shoes reduce the layers and reduce the weight of the outsole, compared with the traditional TPU outsole, it reduce by 50%, and the overall stability of the outsoles have greatly improved. The spikes distribute on the forefoot and heel with wider distance; that is closer to the edge of the outsole. This design improves the stability at the same time also enhances athletic ability, traction and dispersion of pressure and is one of the reasons that the shoes are lighter. This Adidas adipower predator can be regarded as the best among the Adidas predator series.

The Sprint Frame outsole combines with the Power Spine bending groove that has been re-designed, such the ball can get more energy from the feet more directly to reduce the energy consumption greatly, at the same time, it can reduce the reaction force at the foot toe to reduce the probability of player getting injured, but also prevents the foot form bending excessively, to ensure the comfort for the players when they are running on the pitch.

The premiership giants Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard said: Adidas adipower predator boot is very good, it not only perfec fits my foot but also gives me more power. At the same time, this type of boot is very comfortable and can help me get a better ball control force and the more traction. It will become one of the most powerful equipments for my game.”


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  • Posted On June 7, 2012
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