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atural gas. According to energy expert estimation, although do not calculate Caspian oil inside, in inferior also be the 3rd old oil of world that is next to middle east and Siberia store accumulate an area. In inferior hold in store of major oil gas resource is in Kazakstan Si Tan, Turkmen Si Tan and Wu Ci the country such as Biekesitan and adjacent and Caspian water area. According to the estimation of arrange of American the sources of energy, the oil reserves of Kazakstan Si Tan can achieve Nike Heels Wholesale 13 billion tons, natural gas 6 trillion stere; The oil reserves of Turkmen Si Tan is 6.3 billion tons, natural gas 1.55 billion stere; The oil that black thises not to overcome Si Tan and natural gas reserves have 300 million tons to mix respectively 2 trillion stere. Each orgnaization opinionses vary however to reserves of Caspian oil gas. The problem that orgnaization of international nuclear energy published 1998 is the oil gas resource of Caspian area: In inferior the supply of Caucasian area Nike Dunk Heels Low outside reaching latent capacity report, call this the area already the oil reserves of ascertain is made an appointment with 150, 45 billion pails, still incomplete oil reserves estimation is 700, 150 billion pails; Already the natural gas reserves of ascertain is in 6.7, between 9.2 trillion stere, still incomplete natural gas reserves is 8 trillion stere about; This area already the oil gas reserves of ascertain takes world total reserve respectively 4% with 6% . According to American energy department Nike Heels Low Shoes the statistic 2002, ascertain reserves is Caspian petrolic 10 billion pails, probable reserves still has 233 billion pails, natural gas reserves has 170 million cubic metre about foot, it may be become the 2nd Persian Gulf . British authority oil consults company of stannum of Mai Ken of orgnaization five heart 2002 findings, think the oil of this area and natural gas are likely reserve and ascertain reserves the sum are 75.8 billion pails. Although each are differ to the assess Nike Heels Sandals


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