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NIKE launched the fourth series of football boots CTR360

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Nike October 1 in London released its new fourth series of football boots CTR360, CTR360 emphasis on the core design concept of the “ball” boots players wear this extraordinary control ball performance, but also the interpretation of the concept of the Nike relentless pursuit of high performance products. Released along with the CTR360 with Nike Football +, compared with CTR360 users to provide a network platform experience, sharing the top players, coaches training content to promote a new model to improve the level of interaction. As CTR360 of players speak, Fabregas attended the CTR360 released in London. the


Nike designers have been dedicated to study the evolution of the professional players needs, they is also true in the design of the CTR360 ball boots. The CTR360 core design philosophy comes from a deep understanding of and insight into the concept of “possession”, and draw inspiration from the South American League cheap nike free run for frequent use during the competition, in order to effectively pass the ball, the ball and ball design goals, ball point on the upper, elegant design and fine, so that players can get the best point;, after adjustment of the ball boots outsole can also greatly increase the players stop the ball and the ball capacity.

is worth mentioning that the CTR360 boots with a unique synthetic fabric Kanga-Lite, this fabric has the same comfort and feel of kangaroo skin; This innovative fabric is soft and toughness, made with its high performance upper can be adapted to any game environment conditions.

CTR360 boots in the development process to test all possible problems. A core group of a group of top players, interpretations, and witnessed the evolution of baked ball boots from idea to final production. Arsenal’s Cesc Fabregas has been a leading figure in the football boot design consultant, he helped Nike create the boots to meet the players, let them control of the situation in the game through a superb ball control and ball technology. Fabregas outside to play football boot design consultant, nike free run Javier Mascherano and Sergio Aguero, they were identified with a professional vision of design concepts and products in the development and The production process is more complete. For those players who will point to give a sense of art, the CTR360 is a tool to tailor them to judge. in the London the CTR360 publishing activities, Fabregas is also the first time and shared his feeling on the CTR360, “I’ve been in peacetime training, try the CTR360 have a few weeks the , the overall feel of the shoes are very comfortable shoes any part of the external, internal, to pass, stopping the ball are great, the performance of the entire shoe is very much in line with my style features. October 4 Arsenal Blackburn’s Premier League, Fabregas will usher wearing CTR360 debut in the race.

is worth mentioning that, the CTR360 also launched a new Nike Football + innovative technology; each pair of the CTR360 ball boots with a special user password, The CTR360 of users can log experience a high level of soccer training content in a dedicated interface from Arsenal’s Cesc Fabregas, Andres Iniesta of Barcelona Men’s Nike Free 2012 Shoes and Barcelona coach have the knowledge and guidance, the promotion of raising the level of their training ; interactive platform and other CTR360 users to contact each other, understand and share their training, to enhance the contact between each other.

Nike CTR360 Maestri characteristics:

whole foot long TPU soles enhance the shoes overall stability.

Kanga-Lite synthetic leather in any environmental conditions to improve the degree of fit of the boots, comfort and overall performance. This special fabric to retain the traditional leather soft touch and flexibility, but also in the period of the life of the ball boots, consistently maintain such a holistic and comfort. Kanga-Lite’s advanced performance is the same, even in wet conditions the upper will not absorb moisture. It is precisely because the use of lightweight materials, boots in the whole tournament was all OK maintain the characteristics of the light.

forefoot lateral decompression bubbles you can catch the first time it completely control.

the inside of the shoes contains a hard material, can bring a faster pass, Men’s Nike Free 3.0 Shoes while the inside cushion design can ensure that the ball quality.

in accordance with human physiology fit insole with Poron padded, comfortable fit.

the inside of implantable cushion to help players complete the ball more effectively. repair the advanced

the memory foam to adapt to the different requirements of each player.

dual density studs structure provides the greatest degree of stability, plus the enhanced touch surface between the football and spikes provide excellent grip the ball and stopping control performance

leaf body-like soles contribute to the stability of the shoes and the best grip effect

forefoot studs unique geometric structure to provide the best stopping effect.

in line with the asymmetry of the human physiology lace is designed to touch the ball first time to provide a larger contact surface.

in accordance with the holes of human physiology designed shoe laces adjusted according to the needs of comfort, without taking up extra space.

double composite heel can increase the stability of the boots more comfortable to wear.

high-frequency welded construction to Men’s Nike Free 3.0 v2 Shoes reduce the number of stitches seams, to strengthen the fit and comfort

well designed collar enhanced comfort


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