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No More Mistakes with Vinyl Letters for Outdoor Signs

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The outdoor sign of a business signifies its mark and illustrates the image of the brand. Outdoor vinyl graphics are used to promote a brand or convey a message. These graphics are generally applied on exterior walls, windows, bricks, tiles, cars, etc. Many people assume it to be a DIY task, but doing this with impeccable quality and finish is a difficult job. It is preferable to engage professionals to complete the work on time and with precision.

Some of the common mistakes you can avoid while working with vinyl letters are:

•Not choosing the right contrast and highlights: It is advisable to choose the right color combination. Ensure that the letters are bold and visible from a distance. It is better if the background color and the text color are not shades of the same tint. It makes the text merge with the background.

•Not focusing on proper installation and finishing: While getting outdoor vinyl graphics, you must examine the surface on which it needs to be put. Plain surface offers better hold of the material. It seems to be a DIY task to cut cost though it is advisable to hire professionals to have a proper installation and finish.

•Not having a well-designed template: It is advisable to have the frame design ready to get exactly what is required. Many firms offer the services of outdoor sign design as well. They suggest and create the most suitable graphics that are easily readable and can be put over the surface.

•No proper measurement of area and spacing done: The info-graphic should be designed according to the surface on which it has to be placed. Make sure that the frame of design is dyed according to the space that needs to be covered.

•Choosing the wrong material: Whether in the sun or in shade, the infographics must be visible. Thus, it is important to choose the right material around the signboard according to the prevailing weather conditions in the area. Choose the right quality paint that does not fade in sunlight or wash away in the rain.

•Not accounting for the effects of pollutants: Pollution in and around the surroundings make the outdoor sign letters fade their colors sooner than expected. Ensure that the quality of material used can withstand the effects of the pollutants. It must be durable enough to last long without any discernible effect from the external environment.

•No timely maintenance of outdoor signs: Like other signs that need to be serviced, outdoor signs also require maintenance. It is important to have a periodic touch-up for the signboards to make them last long.

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Vinyl GraphicWorks is a graphics and lettering services providing organization. Situated in Marblehead, MA, USA, they provide the service of designing and creating lettering for the vehicles, sign boards and boards of the people by themselves.


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  • Posted On October 7, 2016
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