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Northern Pakistan avalanche caused by the 139 people buried there is no one person rescued

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Northern Pakistan tin and glacier area with a camp near 7 happen avalanche, Chanel Cocohas left 139 people were buried.Beijing April 9-comprehensive report, northern Pakistan avalanche affected areas and 8, find four people were buried, make in the disaster is buried toll to 139. Meanwhile, rescue workers continued to the areas to develop rescue operation, looking for survivors.7, northern Pakistan tin and jean glacier region is an avalanche, place near an army camp.Chanel Messenger Bags The news that a little while ago, an avalanche lead to 135 people were buried, including 124 Pakistani soldiers and 11 civilians.
The heavy snow caused by an avalanche covering area of 1 square kilometers, thickness in the 21 metres.Current search and rescue personnel have not yet found any buried personnel, and the local geography environment and bad weather makes the relief work with difficulties. And military officials said, the now has more than 40 hours, cheap chanelburied alive is very slim hope of soldiers.The Pakistani military says, army chief, and the army has ordered the clay in air force assistance, use all can employ resources, carried out comprehensive search and rescue. The military used the more helicopters and multiple search and rescue dog involved in the search.wufengfengmaple
In addition, the military has large transport plane with the heavy machinery equipment from rawalpindi to the crash site.Since the avalanche occurs, the military also failed to and camp in any contact with the people. Chanel 2.55And the military spokesman artal abbas said, this is the military in the region of the most serious in an avalanche of events.It is reported, the local tin and jean glacier 6700 meters altitude, known as the “global the highest elevation” military outlet Winter temperatures can reach 60 degrees centigrade below zero low.


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