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Since time is getting shorter for everything except working at office, people are giving up several regular practices which include roaming at malls and departmental stores for shopping. It has all come down to selecting products from catalogues displayed on the computer screen and paying the money online through credit cards. To offer this convenience stores and malls are changing the way of payment processing. Days of maintain a cash department are gone. Everything now gets done automatically through internet and advanced payment processing software applications and gadgets like credit card terminals  and wireless credit card machine.


Wireless credit card machine is the latest in the family of advanced payment processing machines and it is the most effective right now since it can accept credit card payments on mobile phones. Wireless credit card machine is powered by an advanced technology and software solution using which you can take credit cards on your I phone, Blackberry and Android phone. Since mobile payment is fast becoming a regular practice for people, you as a business owner can’t ignore this facility, because it will simply lead to loss of customer. Mobile credit card payment is the most convenient option for shopping since it allows one to buy things while traveling. With a wireless credit card machine at your disposal you can process a payment even when you are far away from your store. You might find a customer anywhere, even in a flight. If he or she is ready to buy something immediately you can simply get your wireless credit card machine or processor to your I phone, Blackberry or Android and process the payment.


If you are wondering where to find such a technology and software powered wireless credit card machine, then simply visit themerchantsolutions.com, the official website of The Merchant Solutions, the leading name in USA’s payment processing solution industry. The Merchant Solutions understands how necessary it is for people to complete transactions quickly and how important it is for businesses to process payments quickly without errors. Hence it keeps providing solutions and gadgets that are build-to-fit to meet the needs of businesses. The Merchant Solutions offer a great collection of wireless credit card machines that are designed to Take credit cards on Blackberry and Android mobiles.


To Take credit cards on Android, Blackberry or I phone you can choose from the models such as Apriva Bluetooth Printer & Card Reader, Dejavoo M3 Wireless,First Data FD400Ti Wireless, Hypercom M4100 Wireless, Ingenico ROAMpay,  Swipe Mobile Card Reader, Ingenico I7910 Wireless, Nurit 8020 M50 Wireless,

VeriFone way5000, VeriFone PAYware Card Encryption Sleeve, Verifone Vx510 Wireless, VeriFone Vx610 Wireless and VeriFone Vx670 Wireless.


Just visit themerchantsolutions.com once and find out which model is ideal for your mobile phone and then order for one. Then take credit cards on Android or Blackberry from any place and at any time.


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Get adapted to new methods of payments to ensure maximum transaction. Install an advanced wireless credit card machine that can take credit cards on I phone, Blackberry and Android phones since mobile shopping is a practice on rise today. Get the best wireless credit card machine from themerchantsolutions.com.



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