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Oakley military,

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distressing and painful to me; and when he had set the table in a
roar he would look round delightedly upon them all, and add his
shrill laugh to theirs.  But if that beaming blue eye rested on me,
its light would vanish for a moment, and he would say, in some
concern, ‘Mamma, why don’t you laugh?  Make her laugh, papa – she
never will.’

me:  and then I could fancy there arose a gleam of hard, keen,
sombre satisfaction in his countenance at the look of impotent

Such thoughts as these chased one another through my mind, as I
paced to and fro the room, and longed – oh, how I longed – to take


‘You can’t continue as bad as you are without getting worse and
more brutalised every day, and therefore more like him.’
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