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Observe Locked Up Abroad ~The Orchid Hunters~ S6 EP016

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Until now on Locked Up To foreign countries Season 6 Episode 15 “Chilean Prison Break”, A California man is arrested after a drug deal in Chile and also sentenced to five years in prison. He and a fellow prisoner get out there and escape and flee belgium on foot, which requires a dangerous journey throughout the desert.

On this week’s Occurrence title “The Orchid Hunters”, Two British backpackers make an attempt to cross from Panama that will Colombia via the notoriously dangerous Dari?n Gap, but are captured in addition to held hostage by Colombian guerrillas.

Vacations don’t always meet our lofty expectations, and for some they become the worst nightmares under the rainbow. This National Geographic program targets true stories of drivers in trouble in other countries.

LOCKED UP ABROAD shows the stories of real-life people who get arrested around foreign lands and thrown in jail. Sometimes they’re innocent, as in one case where a man was unknowingly traveling with a friend who was holding drugs. But most of the “victims” end up behind bars because they were doing something criminal, and viewers see the intense moments they invest in captivity, as well as their attempts to find freedom.

Locked Up Abroad can have several things going for it. The production values are good, and the stories are told from the voices of the folks immediately involved, which gives viewers an individual connection to the memories. The re-enactments are eerily close to the original photography and video taken during the time of imprisonment. And it’s certainly eye opening to witness that cruelty and miscarriage connected with
justice that occurs in a few of these place.

But because there’s not any mention of any involvement from anybody’s embassy, the whole thing smacks with sensationalism. And the show never mentions several documented cases of
similar experiences happening that will foreign nationals here in america. While teens may be interested to discover what happens when you smuggle drugs in a very place like Bangladesh (plus it might even scare them beyond ever trying anything comparable!), they also need to understand that these experiences aren’t a total picture of what life is a lot like in a foreign land. Bottom line: It’s riveting TV, but it doesn’t give the most beneficial or most accurate image of other cultures.

They do stories of individuals who have, well, gotten locked up elsewhere. It’s almost always folks who have done illegal stuff, and admit to it, though one guy bought kidnapped by Colombian rebels There’s no doubt that. But usually it’s one or more people who are smuggling prescription drugs, large amounts of dollars, gold, or something similarly against the law, into or out of an foreign country.

It’s really great to get schadenfreude. It’s in a documentary design, the people involved doing voiceovers while you will discover re-enactments or actual footage occasionally being shown. There is a lot of “what was I pondering??? ” as people end up in a foreign to get jail for months or maybe years. Yikes!

My favorite so far is the two guys who was caught smuggling drugs outside of Venezuela. Just watching the re-enactment while they went through customs, and got caught, and how the ‘definitely paid off you can trust us’ police weren’t really paid off. The prisons there seemed absolutely horrid, and what little footage was available was severe.

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