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I have seen many websites and most of them don’t make any sort of impression on me. At least on the level where I want to do something in the store but the functionalities are well hidden and the websites are clumsy to use.


One of the best experiences lately was Vianor website. I had to check on my tyre pressure and other small maintenance jobs with the car. I found all the information clearly and in the right place. It looked good and reliable. Vianor has also succeeded in creating so many innovations around car maintenance that it always surprises me when I see something new. Vianor has for example great web services like electronic maintenance book, time booking etc. These are all invented to help my life.


With My Vianor service you can check on your cars maintenance history, book a time, order tyres or read the latest news. It is great service for a modern car owner.

Not only does it all that I mentioned before but it naturally works as an online store as well. I have bought 8 tyre (in Finnish:
rengas) sets from Vianor online store and I have to say that it is hard to find cheaper tyres anywhere else. I can also order the tyres straight to my local Vianor and then book a time and go change the tyres.

When I am buying something from an online store, the store has to be reliable. I think that visual things and user experience define the reliability of an online store. I buy almost all sorts of things in internet. I have bought even peanuts from china which were supposed to be super healthy and delivered in one week. They weren’t.


From peanuts we go back to tyres. What I really like about Vianor online store is that it guides me through the process. If I have to buy new set of tyres I have already done it without even noticing it when I go to Vianor. Simple is beautiful.


I think many sites should take example from website. It is clear, reliable, working and most of all it is useful.


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  • Posted On April 17, 2012
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