Recently one piece cosplay costumes have become increasing welcomed and hot. It is inspired by the anime . With this cartoon famous in the world, it evoked cosplay fans enthusiasm. A large number of people cosplay the role in the carton and share the pictures with friends in this friend through internet or other method. I find a good platform to share your joys and feelings on the cosplay.

Vampire Knight Night Class Girl Kurosu Yuuki Cosplay Costume

He owns the world all wealth, fame and power, he is king– GeLu pirates Rowe slag. He said a word before his death, driving the people around the world into the ocean-” Do you want to own my wealth? You can search for it. I put everything in there; you can go to find it.” So, pirates’ era began–One Piece refers to pirate king—that is the mysterious treasure left by GeLu Rowe slag “. According to the Legend said the treasure is in the world’s most dangerous channel–great channel Grand Line.

[The young chasing the dream] this is our hero, the sensation of the declaration. With evil fruit sensation ability, the body can be arbitrary elongation, but never learn to swim. He is typical of single-celled guy, pure, blood, foursquare, but he is really very cute. And he also gradually gathered around a group with the same dream, strength and blood partner, ZhuoLuo, nai, mountain to undines and Thorpe. Pirates’ sensation group set out to the great channel!

That is why many people love it. We all have dreams and want to make them come true. It is better to look for somebody together fulfills it. When we are burden with heavy work and pressure, we can dress on Cosplay shows and lolita dress to cosplay one we love and relax ourselves. Enjoy the happiness and experience.

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