If you’ve ever broken a bone or had to undergo a surgical operation, I’m sure you’d agree that managing your crutches can be very difficult. Here are few things that you ought to know when using one:

- A major reason for pain when using crutches is because they aren’t positioned properly. There should be a minimum of 1-1.5inches of distance between your armpits and your crutches when you stand up. The top shouldn’t touch the armpits when walking. The elbows should bend a little when holding the handgrip.

- Cover the top of the crutch with a crutch pad. Crutch pads are made from high density foam and can prevent armpit sores that are often common among crutch users.

- When walking, lean a little and put your crutch about one foot ahead of you. While it would seem that you are using your injured foot, the weight of the body should shift to the crutches, instead of the foot. The body would naturally swing forward between the crutches. Now move the non injured foot normally. To prevent your hands from getting sore, you can use grip pads. These pads are unique in design and can eliminate pain.

- When sitting on a chair turn your back to it, put the injured foot in the front, even as you hold both the crutches in one hand. Now carefully feel the chair and slowly sit on it. To prevent the crutch from falling, hold it upside down. To stand, move to the front of the chair and hold both the crutches on the hand with the good leg. Now stand up on the good leg.

- When walking up the stairs use both your crutches and start with the good leg. Now stand with your weight on the crutch, lift your good leg to the first step. Once the weight is on the good leg, bring the crutch to the same step. And when going down, hold the bad leg ahead and use the good leg to hop downstairs.

- Underarm pads provide a good grip when climbing up or walking down the stairs. But make sure that you buy quality products. Normal underarm pads are usually made of hard rubber and come in standard sizes. But good quality crutch pads are made from super density body contoured foam and hence cause minimum pressure. Make sure they are easy to use.

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