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Dating is an interesting and entertaining thing. Yes but why do you date? Some might come up with an instant answer “to marry him/her” and yes there are some who say” to have just fun”.

Whatever might be your real intent there sure comes a time when your first phone conversation should start at one point or other. You would have been a very romantic writer who could brilliantly sketch out short yet enticing lyrics to capture your beloved’s mind but then when it comes to face to face REALITY then how are you going to handle that?


Many misunderstand one thing and that is to act as a different person. A simple person with an average salary might act or give a boastful talk as if he or she is a guru making millions in his job!

Well those USA dating site women/men who chat with you might be at first very much interested to have a relationship with you but the very moment your real income is scratched out you would be there seated alone shedding tears or feeling dejected as he/she who involved in online hot chat might have deserted /left you alone.

All those singles in USA out there involving in fake online hot chat need to understand that you might be fitfully following your text message or prescribed questionnaire to attract your special guy/gal seated in the other side of his/her PC but that all might end useless if you really do not make up an effort to polish your flaws.


Sounding too much tensed or becoming much anxious while conversing with your special one is all quite normal but when you both start talking about things that hinders your relationship then it is definitely not a good sign for a lasting relationship. Having a general conversation and talking more about topics that interest both of your interests allows both of you to enjoy chatting.


It is quite common to see many just conversing in a hush mannerism. This makes the other person not to understand you and if you want to speak well then one very important thing it is to have a tone which is clear and be slow while conversing.

Never babble in a hurried manner when chatting with online women and all that might make the other person has a kind of difficulty to understand you.


It is horridly true that many young singles always sound negative and with that much of negative feel they can never be fruitful in anything they start up to. Be it a relationship or job anything ends futile when you sound negative.

Having a humorous positive sound might make both of you to have a better view of life and all those unknown option that life bestows seems to unveil itself only if you are positive.


It’s all by trial and error method that all have succeeded in life and when you have decided to start that phone conversation with your special person you also are prepared to learn well by doing mistakes. A well prepared chat also seems inviting and that can pertain to the interests of the other person.

Calm down yourself and be ready to accept the other person for what she or he is really is and this one way can make you climb up the ladder of stability in any relationship!


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Bio: I am an aspiring author with lots of interest in Relationship and online dating. I want to share what very little, actually have gathered from my writing expertise to everybody.

  • Posted On May 30, 2012
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