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Online Marketing Consulting guide for Ottawa based companies

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The online marketing consulting business in Ottawa is an interesting mix of web expertise, marketing knowhow and professional communications. Ottawa is a dynamic Canadian city with a large workforce in both Software and Government. In fact 2011 statistics indicate Ottawa to have approximately 20% of its GDP coming from the high-tech market – this includes software vendors, SaaS tools, mobile apps and online services. Now naturally, someone has to help market and these products and services. And since more and more business is being conducted online, the internet has become a valuable business tool. When you consider these two factors together, then it’s no surprise to see Ottawa marketing consultant jobs on the rise.

What is online marketing consulting?

A consultant by its definition is someone who is an expert at their chosen field and is willing to dispense this expertise to clients. A marketing consultant is a professional who knows the intricate details of branding, demand-generation and persuasive communication. A professional practising online marketing consulting has to home these skills on to the web – which means they not only need to understand how people think and buy, but also translate it into clicks and ultimately online buys.

More than just Adwords and Facebook

Online marketing consulting requires a greater understanding of mere clicks and Google analytics. Ask any Ottawa based Marketing Consultant an most would agree that it’s not just a question of managing Google Adwords and optimizing conversions. Nor is it just about creating a Facebook Fanpages or having twitter followers.

Most Ottawa Marketing Consultants agree that these type of cliché marketing techniques have grown outdated as the online marketing business has matured and developed. Now you’ve some very high calibre online marketing consulting professionals who have ample experience in web marketing as well as a good understanding of business metrics in Ottawa.

Finding an Ottawa marketing consultant

If you are a software vendor in Ottawa and are looking to hire Ottawa marketing consultants, you’ve to do your homework and do it well. First off all, you’ve to search for a few consultants online. The results would showcase how good these consultants can help you in the first place. You see, when these online consultants rank higher on search engine results, the better they are. Then do your research by analyzing their website – look at the type of brand their site sells. Is this style current? Is it reflective of your needs? Look at the copy and graphics – see if it’s professional and delivers business value. Then look at customer testimonials and references. Good consultants always have clients backing them up – and if they don’t then that’s a sure red-flag.

Working with an Ottawa Marketing Consultant

The final part of a successful engagement with an online marketing consultant is to find a good working agreement with the marketing agency. This means setting your marketing goals clearly and defining a marketing budget (in specific breaking it down to online marketing channels, including ad spend for Google, Bing, Linkedin, Facebook, etc.) and also the time lines of these goals. Once this plan has been crafted and agreed by both parties, its a good idea to have weekly marketing conference calls where you discuss marketing progress. This is very important to determine any bottle necks, or blind spots in the online marketing plan as you are implementing it. And finally it’s also good to have monthly evaluation meetings where you see if the online marketing consulting firm has been able to deliver on expected goals. With a lot of communication, fine tuning and coordination, it’s possible to work with an online marketing consulting firm in a successful manner to bring more business and better results to your Ottawa business.

Tatjena Vozva is the author of this article on Online Marketing Consulting Find more information about the Ottawa Marketing Consultant here.


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