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Online Poker Finally Back on Track

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Online poker has had a rocky history lately but it’s now back on track thanks to Face Up Gaming. The website is a web camera based poker site. It lets you enjoy the social side of poker online as well as playing poker for fun. You can really make a good go of this new type of poker, which essentially allows you to play against your friends and foes while you can see them on their web camera so you can work out if they’re bluffing or not.

When it comes to online poker there is nothing more exhilarating than playing a card game for chips. You get to play the best card game in the world, and the most popular, online with friends and people you haven’t even met yet. This is a great way to meet new people that play poker online so you can expand your circle of online buddies.

With the US being in a pickle the last few years with online poker, it’s a great time to have the social aspect of poker hit our computers. As you can play people from all over the States and around the world, play in tournaments and win seats to high-profile games you can really make a good go of it at a new type of online poker.

Online Poker: Practice Your Poker Face

Online poker with your web cam has never been seen before. You can now play poker online with your new friends and play into the night against people from around the country, and try out your poker face. You can chat, type and stay quiet if you want, so that your opponents haven’t a clue what cards you’re holding.

Your poker face is a new skill you have to learn for online poker. Normally, you can hide behind your computer screen and have more control over how you bet. But now, you need to be careful and watch what and how you bet so you win the most chips as you possibly can.
You can goad people into betting more by bluffing or lead them astray by chatting to them while you’re playing your way of online poker.

Online Poker Reaches New Levels of Fun

Online poker has always been a fun game to play. You can win money, win seats at big tournaments and play against friends in different types of poker. From Omaha to 7 Card Stud and of course Texas Hold Em, there’s lots of games to play and lots of chances to become crowned King (or Queen) of poker online.

While you’re playing online poker you can really make a hobby of it and you get to make new friends. As you can see who you’re playing you can chat and socialize as well.

So, if you want a new way of playing poker online that uses your web camera then you should try Face Up Gaming for the funkiest way of playing online poker.

Here at Face up gaming we have just launched our reality online poker site and with our revolutionary technology of live streaming audio and video, you see every player and they can see you. You can meet new people free online poker face to face Or you can connect with friends and family on a private table, just like old times. This is as close to live poker as you’ll ever find online!

Once you are here , You will also have access to Game templates that allow you to define the rules for your private password protected tournaments or heads up action : You can set the starting chips stacks, break times , betting rules for you r own private games with your friends and family.


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