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Online Poker Just Got Better

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There’s no doubt that online poker is one of the most fun and popular games to play on your computer or smartphone. However, as technology advances and computers get faster and there are more social networking sites than ever before, what would happen if you had a social network mixed with an online poker site?

Well, you’d have Face Up Gaming online poker. You can now play your favorite game online but with your web camera so you can see the other players. As Face Up Gaming is popular and is run by professional poker players you could end up playing with celebrities and famous players, where you can actually see them playing against you!

That’s a great way of learning the trade and making yourself a better poker player. If you want to learn more and play more against real people that you can challenge their poker faces and work out what cards they have from their betting patterns and their face, then you have to try Face Up Gaming online poker.
Online Poker In Your House

Online poker is a good way for those that can’t get to casinos and play poker for real. However, instead of having to get dressed up and travel to the casino, you can simply play from the comfort of your own home. You can start and stop whenever you like and aren’t pressured into playing for longer than you want to.
Therefore, you can choose to play online poker from your own home, at work or when you’re in a bar if you really wanted to. As we can get online pretty much anywhere, even McDonalds has WiFi, you can enjoy yourself playing your favorite game in almost anywhere there is an Internet connection.

If you love the thrill of playing poker online then you can play from the comfort of your own home. You can play while you’re watching the TV, in your room or at your dining table. For those that have an inkling towards working out what people’s poker faces are like then you really need to give Face Up Gaming a try as it’s the new way of playing online poker.

Online Poker in the US

Online poker is still the reigning champion in the online gaming circles. With bingo being a close second place, it’s still poker that takes the top spot in being the most fun and most played game online. Remember, poker has only really been given the limelight in the last 15 years and even then it was mostly on TV. By the boom of the early 2000s in the Internet, it was only really then that we saw so many options.

After a torrid time in the US for online poker, we now have it back and it’s better than ever. You can play online with your friends and actually see them using your web camera. So, you now need to watch your body language and poker face so you don’t give away any clues.

This is the new and safe way of playing poker so join Face Up Gaming today and get back playing online poker.

Here at Face up gaming we have just launched our reality ultimate online poker games site and with our revolutionary technology of live streaming audio and video, you see every player and they can see you. You can meet new people always free online poker web site face to face Or you can connect with friends and family on a private table, just like old times. This is as close to live poker as you’ll ever find online!

Once you are here , You will also have access to Game templates that allow you to define the rules for your private password protected tournaments or heads up action : You can set the starting chips stacks, break times , betting rules for you r own private games with your friends and family.


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