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Online Stream to Watch Pacquiao vs. Bradley

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The date 9th June has now decided for the new chapter on the way to the expected match between the bets boxers who set the particular hour the world record The Manny Pacquiao and Mayweather Floyd ‘Money’. Manny Pacquiao has a record of winning continuous 15 matches in past few years. He has a record of 7 years in winning streak out of which he has overcome the likes of Shane Mosley, Oscar De La Hoya among others. Pacquiao vs Bradley match is very near and the match will give the new and unbeatable record and will make a new history and also write a new chapter in the Pacquiao’s career.

On the other hand, the boxers also have an unbeatable and perfect record of 28-0 which was earlier maintained by Timothy Bradley. The upcoming fight will clearly proves the capabilities of Bradley and will show that how simple and plain is the boxer. Timothy Bradley first has to understand the person with whom he is fighting. Also, Manny has an unbeatable career of winnings and it would be very tough for the Bradley to face the deserving boxer. Therefore it was also in the rumors that it will be wastage of time for the Bradley to come for the fight. He will definitely come to the fight just to fight with the scorers because he should be killed in the fight. Also, he has a record of only 12 knockouts out of the total of 28 victories, anything can be happen as future is uncertain and unpredictable, and we can’t say anything.

Moreover, if you are encouraging the Timothy Bradley and you are on his corner, it will be better to suggest him to approach the fight because may be like the last match of Pacquiao that was held in Marquez was settled previously only by the small setting of a defense which has confused the Filipino boxer and give the chance of counter punching. This will be the only way for Bradley to be on the top.

For Pacquiao, it will be very simple to handle. By this doesn’t mean that Pacquiao has to come up with the uninspiring efforts because he should not forget the last fight with Floyd Mayweather. Both the players are practicing hard for the fight and preparing themselves to break the previous records.

The fight will be more interesting because Bradley will come up with the unbeatable record and Pacquiao with practicing for the unbelievable performance.

If you are waiting for the fight don’t miss to watch the Pacquiao vs Bradley online stream.


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  • Posted On May 24, 2012
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