There are different ways to work for optimizing the sites and you can do it with onpage seo factors or even with off page factors. The On page factors are more important for you to understand and when you need good organic search results you must work with different factors like the Keywords and Links and the Tags or code for the tittle. The on page SEO optimizes your site for certain keywords or the combination of such words and using them in URL and in SEO tags. These help in specific algorithm is not known but the factors that actually work can be found out.

The domain must have the top keyword so that the site is optimized in the proper way. The factor is known to many and you must keep this in mind when you would include the company name in the root domain or the keyword that works for obtaining higher ranking. The keywords must also be used in the URL of the site and the title tag. The search engines find out the title tag keywords and come to know about the content of the site. The headers of the page are inserted in the code of the web page and are visible as the header that is real for the pages. The Meta description is another of the onpage seo factors and it shows in the results of the search engines and if they are good and descriptive, you will get more visitors.

The keywords density is another such onpage seo factors and you need to make sure that the keyword density is not very high as the search engines find it as a method of spamming if the keywords are used more than is required. The keywords must be somewhere between 2 – 4% and the writing must be natural even while the keywords are incorporated. The keywords should be used in the URL and the title of the page and they must also be natural way of specifying the content that you have written. The words must also be either bold or in italic so that they are highlighted in the content.

The length of text or relevant text must also be a ready way for optimization and if you follow the proper onpage seo factors it will give you a good result to make sure the contents of your site must not increase 500 words. The content describing a certain idea or information must be within this limit of words so that the visitors do not feel bored and tired by reading a long description. The search engines also like it if the keyword is at the head and in the tail of the article and it becomes easy for the engines to find the subject of the whole article. 


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