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Optimized Spiral Classifier for Customer

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Spiral classifier is one of the beneficiation equipments. According to the different proportion of solid particles, the rate of precipitation in the liquid is also different. Spiral classifier concentrates fine ore based on the principle. After grinding, the materials will pass through filter, through which the coarse materials will return to ball mill and the fine ore will be discharged from the overflow pipe.

The necessity of spiral classifier in the industrial production is obvious. Rare gold, silver and other metals separation often use classifier. China classifier technology has a rapid improvement since 1950s. While the advanced grade technology is applied, we also blended into our own technology. At present, the China classifier has reached advanced international level. We produce classifiers, which are completely able to do long-term industrial operations, and the quality is absolutely reliable.

At present, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. mainly produces and sells two types of spiral classifier, one is the single spiral classifier and the other is the double spiral classifier. Customers can customize the spiral classifier with different models and different sizes according to the actual requirements.

The disadvantage of the spiral classifier are: heavy body, large footprint, big maintenance workload, and difficult to achieve automatic control; affected by the density and shape, the material cannot be precisely classified according to particle size, resulting in low classification efficiency, typically only 20% to 40%; overflow particle size depends mainly on the concentration adjustment, usually the most detailed up to -0 074 mm. china vibrating feeder:
magnetic separator:

The advantages of the spiral classifier are:

stable and reliable performance, easy-to-operate, can be connected with the ball mill without pump. The biggest spiral classifier specification made in China is φ3.0 m, can reach artesian connection with φ3.6m x4.0 m ball mill. The big volume of the spiral classifier has buffer action and plays the role of transporting material, while the return concentration can be as high as 65% to 80%, thus good for the grinding operation.

Maintenance of Spiral classifier:

1, the bearing lubrication every 4 hours to dry by hand to the bearing pressure injection pump high pressure oil, to keep bearing the seal performance.

2, where the grease lubrication points are sodium or calcium base grease lubrication.

3, the class should see whether the gear oil inside the needle carved line, every 6 months for second oil.

4, should always check the lower part of the middle frame bearing or bearing, bearings, seals for wear, bearing is damaged, so that timely replacement.

Maintenance and installation of Spiral classifier for everyone finished, the equipment’s maintenance can often bring us more spectacular production values, we are specialized in the production spiral classifier equipment manufacturer, need to purchase the sorting machine factory is the key to assign the friend.

Henan Hongxing a prominent mining machinery manufacturer in China,such as cement production line, we provide you with quality mineral processing plant and machinery at an excellent price.


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