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Option for creating an original birthday gift

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Another option for creating an original birthday gift is to assemble an assortment of smaller presents around a central theme. If the recipient loves watching movies, a nice collection of items could include popcorn, a decorative bowl, toppings and flavorings, and a DVD you think he or she will like. A good selection of birthday gifts for relaxation could combine bath oils, small candles, a robe, and comfortable slippers to reduce tension and encourage pampering. You may be able to find such gifts already available in a gift basket, or buy an empty basket and assemble the items yourself for an extra personal touch.

An item the recipient receives repeatedly throughout the year can be a thoughtful gift. Subscriptions to magazines or other publications are often a good birthday gift idea, especially for people who like to read or have a special interest. There are hundreds of magazine titles, so finding one that matches a recipient’s interests whether it be a particular sport like mountain biking or activity like shopping or cooking, is generally not too difficult.

Another option is a subscription to a club that delivers a particular item each month or so. A fruit-of-the-month club, for example, might give the birthday guy or gal fresh apples one month, oranges the next, and pears the following. For wine lovers, a regular delivery of a selection of red or white wines to try out would likely be appreciated. There are beer-of-the-month clubs as well, which allow the receiver to try a range of different brews. These clubs are often a bit expensive, as shipping charges can be high, but many have options for less frequent deliveries; if a monthly delivery is too much, one every three months or for just the first six months of the year may be a possibility.

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